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Fuzzy font rendering in entire Opera

  • Since the recent updates made to Opera all the text, and I mean ALL the text is fuzzy. The menu, the websites, content, you name it, even the settings.
    For reference here is a screenshot of the same google search in opera 12.17 and on 28. This is really unacceptable.
    I was thinking I was losing my eyesight at one point, but then I noticed that all the other applications are crisp and clear and just opera is all fuzzy and weird. Is there a way to turn off the opera text antialiasing?

  • I have also seen that font size have become smaller and more difuse in some of the websites I visit regularly in latest version of opera. I don't remember if that happend in Opera v.27 or 28. In IE11 everything is normal. Hope this can be restored in next version of Opera.

  • Which one looks worse to you? For me, left image (O12?) is fuzzy and right one (newer O?) is crisp and clear. It may depend on physical screen properties, windows cleartype settings, using or not using graphics card acceleration and probably on many other factors. I have noticed some rendering changes few versions ago (I can't recall, which version exactly) - for me it got crisper, although initially it looked even a bit too sharp.

  • As I look at the screenshot again on my laptop, yes it looks the other way aroud, as if Op 12 is fuzzy and 28 not. This is weird, on my main screen, through docking station it looks the other way around. Still, even on the laptop screen the menu itself(opera logo and text) and the tab texts look a bit fuzzy. The websites seem to look ok.
    I have tried cleartype settings, and that is the setting for that screen where everything else looks good. Only opera seems to be making problems with that screen.

  • I thought the fault was my PC. A bit glad the problem is generic. Hope opera fix this mess.

  • Its not an Opera problem. Its a mismatch between the capabilities of the screen, the resolution the screen is running in and the resolution of the fonts. This is not something Opera can fix.

  • Actually Opera could fix that by offering different rendering modes for text - OS default and custom, both in two variations - using GPU acceleration or not. I can't say exactly, how all these modes differ and which modes are actually used and how different Opera flags affect these modes, but it looks to me that your problem is clearly result of different renderers producing different effects.

    (I recall when one of my coworkers started scream one morning after his Firefox updated itself - all fonts were different and less readable. It took some time to find cause and then switch font rendering from GPU back to CPU - does Opera have some such flag, I don't know.

    Then I remember when new IE switched to cleartype even when in Windows Cleartype was disabled and CRT monitor was used - that looked really ugly.

    Then I remember time some months ago, when after one Windows Vista security update for its true-type font engine one of my Vista-using friend started to cry about Chrome fonts getting almost unreadable - and then only fix was to uninstall said update. I don't know, did Windows fix their font engine afterwards and did this update affected fonts in other Windows versions.)

  • Opera does have some such flag, dig through opera://flags to find it ...

  • @sgunhouse could you please point me to the exact flag?

  • opera://flags/#disable-direct-write

  • Try enabling opera://flags/#lcd-text-aa

    This worked for me and now all fonts look great.