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Opera 20.0.1387.91 - Home page set up and button

  • Hi

    Please advise how I can set up a home page on my Opera browser and how to have the home page button on my toolbar.

    I'm using Opera 20.0.1387.91

    On Windows 7 - 64 bit.

  • There are extensions that do what you are looking for. I'd give a couple of them a try and see if theres one your like.

  • I'm using Opera 20.0.1387.91

    This is a very old version. Unless you really have strong reasons to use it i advise you to upgrade for security.

  • Ok. Thanks for the advice, but not the answer I am looking for.

    I tried the newest version of Opera, but there were so few preferences to amend for my own set up.

    Updates do not help with security, they only hinder the use of the browser, and most other programs that require updates.

    Why does Opera not have a home button or home page? Does it even have something similar where I can set up a button that takes me directly to a page that I rely on most that I'd like quick easy access too?

    2 responses, 1 saying that to get a home page we need a specific extension (and yet no extension name is mentioned), and the other saying we need to update to ensure security. Isn't extensions, add-ons, plug-ins all a breach in security? Who creates, maintains and administers these "extensions"? If I add them to my browser doesn't that mean they have specific special access to my browser?

  • Also, every update with programs, including Opera, features are taken away. Including pivotal setting and preferences. You state that this is for security reasons. However to be able to get those pivotal settings and preferences we need to add on externally managed extensions etc which I think is a major security issue. Am I wrong? If so please explain how I can get the functions back, the functions such as the preferences and settings that are taken away with every upgrade?

  • As I said in my post there are several extensions that do what you are asking. I don't use them so I don't know which one is best or which one you would like. I'm also not in the business of spoon feeding people. I pointed you in the direction you need to go, its up to you to do the rest.

    Also, its apparent the English is not your native language. You might find the support better in the forum in your native language.

  • There is nothing wrong with my English. That is just offensive.

    A home page and button is standard on browsers. I come here to find out exactly how to get one. If you can't help, don't!!!

  • I've told you twice now how to get it. Its up to you if you want to listen or not but you don't get to claim you are not getting help if you refuse to use it.

  • Is that what you would tell your children if they asked you for help with something?

    Child: Mum, I can't tie my shoelaces.
    You: Just grab one lace in each hand twist, turn and loop, and pull through until tight.
    Child (dumbfounded): Ok, mum. But that doesn't help.
    You: I've given you what you need, I'm not gonna spoon feed you, it's up to you to listen or not.

    This is a message to any moderators, administrators or real staff of Opera. I am trying to find an extra browser for indefinite research on a specific subject so I don't have a lot of other tabs in the way, so I can use it specifically for this subject. I am new to Opera and trying to set it up for my ease is incredibly hard, but what is worse is the quality of support. The help database is extremely limited, it has either help on very basic functions or very technical functions, nothing in between. There is no direct contact with the staff of the program, no developers or Opera technicians, just this forum for discussion with the public, which some are very hostile. I don't think Opera is going to be my choice of browser for this instance.

  • Is that what you would tell your children if they asked you for help with something?

    So what you are saying is you want me to treat you like a 4 year old that is trying to tie shoelaces? Is that really what you as an adult need from us? Okay, fair enough. I will spoon feed it to you like a baby in a high chair.

    1. Go to the Opera Extensions store.
    2. If you can find that on your own I will provide a link:
    3. Use the search function (thats the box near the upper right that has 'Search for add-ons in it') to look for extensions.
    4. You will want to use keywords like 'start page' or something similar.
    5. If you feel that using search is beyond your abilities let us know an we'll explain further.
    6. You will see several results. Click on each one and read the descriptions.
    7. If an extension's description does not indicate that it does what you need, do not install it.
    8. If you find one who's description does appear to do what you need, install it.
    9. You can stop reading addition descriptions if you so wish at this point.
    10. To install the extension click the green button near the right side that says '+ | Add to Opera'
    11. From there you will want to follow the instructions that were found on that extensions description page in order to configure it.
    12. If you install an extension but can figure out how to configure it let us know an we'll explain further.
    13. If the extension fulfills your needs at this point you can stop.
    14. If it does not meet your needs then repeat from step 7.
  • Leocg and I are both moderators, you can tell by the gavel badge below our post count or in our profile. Opera employees will have a red O badge instead.

    Extensions are easy to find though - go to the site (either by going to Extensions > Get more extensions or just going to ) and search. The two most obvious are

    No, I don't use a home page, so I can't recommend either over the other. Despite the name, it does say "Homepage in new tab" can open your homepage in the current tab.

  • @tastyboi

    It's easy enough to have your home page set in Opera, and then to have a home page button.

    To set the home page so your browser opens there, just go to Settings in the Menu (Alt P), and select your home page location.

    Now to have the button/icon, download the extension, Homepage in New Tab, which sgunhouse has pointed out and I've tested.

    It will put a homepage icon/button on your icon bar (to the right of your address bar). Now go to a webpage with the address you want for your homepage, right click on the address and copy it. Now right click on the homepage icon on your icon bar, click on options, and paste the address you want for your home page into the Homepage setting. Now every time you click on the icon for Homepage, you will return to the homepage. When you open the browser, you will be at the home page. If you click on the plus symbol, you will add a tab that is the speed dial.

    The custom home page extension (that sgunhouse also mentioned) didn't seem to give me the icon on my icon bar. You did say you wanted a toolbar button, and the icon is as close as one can get to a button.