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Chrome on Moblile knows what i searched for.

  • How comes that chrome knows what i searched for when i use Opera on my Desktop-PC? And how can i deactivate that? Is it google-analytics?

  • Are you logged into Google?

  • No

  • How do you know that Chrome knows what you have searched?

    Aren't you getting just a serach suggestion?

  • What is your default desktop search engine? Second question - how would Google know it is you ... do you access the same Gmail account on both devices?

  • How do you know that Chrome knows what you have searched?

    I was looking for a video on youtube at my desktop pc. Then later i used my smart phone and my first suggestion is the very same video. It happens all kind of search results.

    how would Google know it is you

    i dont even have a gmail account. I guess it's related to my IP. It's really strange because it was a Video which was hard to find and had NO, really not a single view yet. I just wonder if there is a way to disable that kind of tracing.
    A few days ago i saw that some websites connect to googleanalytics before they loaded, i wonder if that might be related.

  • Use Adblock and Ghostery - you will avoid most trackers, incl Google Analytics. Setting Do Not Track option may help too, although no site is obliged to abide that. Of course if you share IP address between mobile and desktop, then there is almost nothing (besides using anonymous proxy, VPN and private browsing modes) what can completely avoid to binding your browsing history to IP address.

  • My suggestion was that you don't have to use Google as default search engine on desktop - though if you were searching in Youtube that's moot (Google owns Youtube and hence would know what you searched for there). Was reading an article just yesterday where MS says Google won't allow them to index Youtube to include in Bing search results.