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Is there any chance to get information about the next opera releases in year 2014?

  • hey there,

    i'm searching some information about the next opera releases this year.
    Can somebody help?
    Thanks guys 🙂

  • The way this browser is going I think it could end up in the toilet bowl and it is a damn shame because there is not another browser of worth out there unless Maxthon steps up its game but that has a lot of limitations when you open numerous tabs up. I could open 266 tabs on Opera but only a few on Maxthon before it bottled out. I generally use Maxthon more for simply browsing but when I do my work with all the tabs then it has always been Opera. I've gone back to Opera 19 Stable and I will not be rushing to upgrade if this CPU hogging comes along like in Developer.

  • @anunnaki2

    The time when you could open that many tabs is gone forever. Only lightweight layout engines, such as Presto, were able to do that without using up all the available resources.

    The browser's interface is peanuts. What really eats up resources is the layout engine.

    Maxthon itself is most likely not the culprit here, but WebKit/Blink.

    WebKit-based Chrome was like that and the current Blink-based Chrome is like that.

    Blink-based Opera (if it's ever available on *nix systems in our lifetime) will definitely be the same.

    If you're looking for lightweight alternatives, but are willing to bear having very approximate display of web content and no JavaScript support, then try NetSurf ( or Dillo ( These are only available for *nix systems, AFAIK.

    If you want quality browsing for modern websites with heavy use of HTML5 and JavaScript contents, then use either a Gecko-based browser such as Firefox or SeaMonkey, or a WebKit-based browser.

    For WebKit-based browsers, you have Midori ( if you want to use GTK. If you prefer Qt, then use QupZilla ( or wait for the Qt5 Opera-clone Otter (

  • Or stick with Opera Presto, which is exactly what I'm doing.

  • The new Opera can handle 266 extensive tabs with ease using the Chrome system it is only this new Developer that is a resource hog. Maxthon is a great browser for small actions on the web and it is probably the best for video-streaming in multiple tabs. I like to put a browser to test by viewing videos on redtube and Maxthon wins out. So if Opera can handle multiple tabs then so should Maxthon but it cannot and can be quite poor with just a few tabs open, start opening twenty or so and the browser stumbles and will even reset and start loading the tabs again. I could not work with most of the browsers you recommended, I have tried them all and others but I've only liked the new Opera and Palemoon (at a push). I personally cannot stand Firefox it is so slow and clunky but Palemoon is a bit better to use but after using the new Opera then Palemoon seems sluggish where as it destroys the old Opera 12. I was always a massive Opera fan and I ended up giving up on Opera 12 and Presto and I went over to Palemoon which blew it away. Then when the new Opera came out I came back. I am still annoyed that Opera will not listen to the needs of the people. The old school Opera team and thinking has gone. What we need is a combination of Opera, Maxthon and Sleipnir. Opera's speeddial is absolutely amazing and bay far the best of any out there, especially since we can add sites into one box. All I want from Opera is to supply a complete browser. I think on Linux I would have to go with the Maxthon beta since I cannot stand the tab layout of Chrome when opening multiple tabs. Its funny really how we advance in tech but then end up going backwards through resource hogging just to display resource hogging sites. I can see a time when we end up with single or double tab browsing. I hated those old days of single layout browsing!

  • i'm searching some information about the next opera releases this year.
    Can somebody help?

    What kind of information?

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  • Here is some info on when to expect the releases:

    You can follow feature development through the Desktop Team blog.