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Opera 27 - How do you sort bookmarks?

  • I just bookmarked a page and created a new folder to put it in.

    The Folder stayed at the bottom of the bookmarks list.

    I restarted Opera thinking that a sort would be accomplished, but no.

    The folder was still out of sequence.

  • Open your bookmarks page, click my folder and drag it around inside that interface to move it.

  • Okay that works.

    But why not a right click, sort by name?

    I never would have thought of your suggestion.

  • Bookmarks are still a work in progress.

  • Hi! Gets better each update! Opera I mean!

    Question: "Bookmarks" similar to the Q; above;

    When I bookmark a link, it goes to the bottom of the folder's files' list. I'm in journalism of the amateur type, but it has me bookmark LOTS of media articles into various folders.

    So, merely as an improvement suggestion for Opera, what about having a or ALL freshly bookmarked links landing at the top of the folder's [inside] list, rather than having to scroll each time to the bottom to re-get the latest bookmarked file?

    The same applies to putting or moving "sub-folders" into more main folders. When one drops a file or folder into a folder [derr?] can it not be set so it lands at the TOP of the list, rather than being buried waaaay down at bottom? [NO! Wait! Folders is different aye? Oop!]

    Yeah, I can lift each newly deposited file or folder up top, but each time, when I'm BMking several files at a time, covering a news topic and post, it slows things down, and is, I reckon, simply one of those unnecessary inefficiencies of the always-developing browser system.

    It'd make my days easier, no question, and seems like a logical improvement?

    Is that understandable?

    Great system Opera! Thanks!

  • When I bookmark a page it already puts it at the top of the folder.

  • In Opera 26 (and 25?) when you opened a bookmark folder there was a simple option "sort by name" (in alphabetic order) - but it seems gone again: could we get it back? And also the possibility to drag and drop bookmarks whic h also seems to have disappeared.

  • Both of the functions you mention are still in Opera. Sort alphabetically is in the bookmarks menu inside the Opera menu and drag and drop can be done from the bookmarks window (Ctrl+Shift+B),

  • Indeed so, but it would be so much more intuitive if it could be done from within the Bookmarks Manager!

  • Just installed 27 and imported my bookmarks from 12 - NO option to sort the folders alphabetically - had to drag them into order - what a total PITA!
    Same with the bookmarks inside the folders - they are in totally random order - surely it would be really simple to be able to right click and select sort alphabetically?????

  • Yes, which is why they did. Its just not in the bookmarks manager yet. Its only in the bookmarks menu for right now. Read top posts up from your post.

  • I just want them always sorted alphabetically.

  • @jamesisin,

    You might want to take a look at my comment at this thread,

    regarding the extension Chrookmarks for Chrome. It sorts alphabetically, per setting, on its own.

  • I'm using v29.0.1795.47 of Opera and sorting bookmarks is one of the best kept secrets of the Opera development team IF it exists.

    And, IF it exists, why isn't it more obvious to the end users? One of the primary goals of any application development team should be building a user-friendly interface.

    As far as I can see, bookmark sorting functionality simply doesn't exist in Opera - shame on the development team for neglecting a most basic function of list design.

  • Ok, I messed up on my previous post...sorry. Though NOT user-friendly by any means, apparently the booksmarks sort function does exist as posted by lando242 in this thread. Thank you to lando242, and I stand corrected.

  • My bookmarks are not "sorting"

    Opera is awful with bookmarks, just AWFUL.

  • My bookmarks are not "sorting"

    They do not automatically sort. New bookmarks are added to the beginning of the folder. If you wish to sort your bookmarks you have to do it manually from the Bookmarks section of the Opera menu.

    Opera is awful with bookmarks, just AWFUL.

    We eagerly await the extension you are going to program to improve things. Or is crying about how bad something is in an unhelpful way the most we are going to get out of you?