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Opera mail - some mails cannot be sended ! ????

  • The third sending to the last 12 did not succeed. I deleted 1 adres and the problem was solved. I then sended a 4th and last message to this very same address, without any problem !!!! ????

    Maybe it was typed wrongly?

  • " Maybe it was typed wrongly? "

    Not at all. I used copy/paste.

    And today, another message, quite small to but 1 address , again stays put in the outbox and cannot be sended. 😞

  • Are you sure the problem is on your end? Sometimes a network issue will prevent me from sending a message. Sometimes going to the Check/Send button immediately will send it, sometimes I have to wait for them to straighten up the problem - but it does send properly later.

  • The Outgoing log will tell you what the error is. If an entry isn't created in the log when you send, that means Opera never got that far and the error happened before that (perhaps something failed a syntax test in the UI or something). In the latter case, you just have to use trial and error to see what you typed/entered in the compose tab and or what you attached causes it.

    If you have anti-virus with an email scanner, turn the email scanner off.

    Are you using a proxy (see internet options in the control panel. Look under Connection -> LAN Settings)?

    Any backup utilities accessing Opera's files when you send? Any other security programs that might interfere with Opera?

    Open "C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts" in a text editor. Has anything modified that file. You should have no uncommented entries in there by default.

  • Thx for comments.
    @sgunhouse : sure it is on my end. The last message is still in the outbox after 24 hrs.
    @burnout : I'll try and follow suit. Thx.

  • @leocg who said "It's in accounts.ini. You need to add the line Outgoing Log File=X:\Path-to-Folder\logfile.txt."

    To no avail. This added line is automatically deleted when starting Opera mail 😞
    @burnout : I therefore cannot check what might have happened,

    Sending the message to another adres is no problem. And the original address is abolutely without errors and in use since years.'

  • Have you edited the file with Opera closed ? You were able to save it.

  • "Have you edited the file with Opera closed ? " Of course
    "You were able to save it ?" Yes. The file before editing was 2691 b; after editing it was 2777 b. But at the very moment Opera mail is started the file defaults to 2691 b,

    This one ( rather Short ) message is still in the outbox while I had no one problem in sending some 10 other and different messages.
    Thinking of it : the 2 messages that got stucked in the outbox were 2 'forwards'.

    I'm now a Opera users since way more than 15 years and I keep wondering why it is that each "upgrade" time and again comes with bugs and problems. Why always change a winning team without toroughly checking it out first ??? I was quite happy with the combined browser-mail client that I used the last couple of years. And all of a sudden, with this bloody "automatic upgrade" I'm in the sh*t ! No longer is the mail combined with the browser, but there is this idiosyncratic error !! 😞
    I think of downgrading to the previous client, but that is again a lot of work. And I'm not sure that it will be fluent, because I changed to a new PC and OS ( Win 7 => Win 8 ). Greetz.

  • But at the very moment Opera mail is started the file defaults to 2691 b,

    There must be something very wrong with your install or with your OS. Or maybe a third part software is messing things up.

    Check on Help > About Opera Mail if you are editing the correct accounts.ini file. Also check if there isn't any programs that may be reverting the file to its original state.

    Try setting it as read-only after have made the changes.

  • You need to enter the line in the right place - in the section associated with the account you want to log. Actually the line may already be there - but without a path after the equals sign. Look for it.

  • Actually the line may already be there - but without a path after the equals sign.

    There's a note about that in

    This added line is automatically deleted when starting Opera mail

    If you indeed put the line under the section for the account in question and you're editing the file while Opera is closed, it might have something to do with the path you're using. Maybe try a path that's under C: if you haven't yet. Specifically, try a path on your in your desktop like in the above link. Another thing you can try is to set the incoming log too as maybe that will prevent Opera from erasing the changes on you.

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