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Does Opera install any services, background processes, etc.?

  • Hi,

    I apologize if this question has been asked previously, but I could find no information about it when I did a search.

    I downloaded and carefully tested Opera 24.0.1558 on a test machine before installing it to my primary machine. I did not see any new services or background processes running (via a careful check of processes and services both just before and after the install). Is that correct, or did I miss any?

    I do not want anything extra running in the background unless the active program (meaning, Opera in this case) is intentionally running.

    This question also unfortunately applies to version 25.0.1614.68 because it apparently decided to automatic update against my wishes; I carefully looked just after I installed it and saw no option to turn it off, so assumed there were no automatic updates (what seemed to be a pleasant surprise). (I have since done a search on the problem and found the likely method of renaming opera_autoupdate.exe to fix that problem, but in the meantime I may now have extra garbage running in the background because that was NOT the version I had checked and do not know what it may have added).

    Thank you

  • Opera usually installs a background updater, but it does not run long. Presumably doing a "portable" install does not install the background updater.

  • The 'background updater' is only a scheduled windows task. It's easy to find and disable. it is NOT an installed service proprogram, just a task like any other.

  • If removed, then this autoupdate task restores itself with next update. I would say that such behavior is plainly wrong - I as user must have possibility to turn updates off (and remove related tasks) within Opera interface, no by tinkering my OS settings.

  • Thank you, I really appreciate your help. I did not think to check that one. I have found and disabled it.

    I strongly agree that the behavior is wrong. I was also very distressed about the automatic updates with no indication they even existed (because there was no setting to turn them off). At least it does not add a bunch of services and such. I have had many, many problems with software doing far worse to my system, to the point where I rarely install anything new because it is such a hassle to find and fix the damage, which can be hidden using so many methods (services, explorer add-in's, registry startup's, ini file startup's, etc). I only decided to install a new browser because a few web sites are demanding I "upgrade" my current browser.

    One of the reasons I settled on Opera was because it appeared to be better about that sort of thing. And so far, it does seem better than a lot of software I've dealt with, but it could still use improvement: Nothing beyond the program that you are actively running should ever run (with regards to a given program's installation), and everything the program does (particularly automatic updates) should be clear and configurable.

    Anyway, thank you again