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Opera Mini 9.2 for iOS [update]

  • Hi All,

    Opera Mini 9 for iOS rolled out today. This version pushes Opera Mini further as an interesting browser choice for iPhone and iPad users because of video boost.

    Video boost is the star of this version. It’s a “have a cookie and eat the cookie” feature. User not only saves on video data usage but also virtually eliminates the annoying buffering wheel of frustration. Under the hood you’ll find SkyFire’s Rocket Optimizer doing all the hard work.

    We didn’t stop there, new version comes with:

    • UI and performance improvements
    • plus button on the speed dial to easily add your favourite sites
    • ability to edit existing speed dials items
    • all-new fancy data gauge which is gyro-based

    Download the new Mini and start watching online clips, they won’t watch themselves you know 🙂

    [update] Opera Mini 9.1

    This before-Xmas update includes:

    • Open links in Opera Mini from other applications
    • Easily search for content of your clipboard
    • Open urls stored in clipboard with one tap
    • Share links and content right from context menu
    • Stability improvements
    • Performance tweaks, especially visible on slower devices

    [update] Opera Mini 9.2

    This is what you should look for in the new version:

    • Open new tabs easily by dragging the tabs button upwards
    • Search more simply now that Opera Mini keeps your search term in the address and search bar
    • Recommend Opera Mini to your friends from the settings menu
    • Smoother page scrolling
    • Another set of stability and performance improvements

    Happy browsing!

  • So far, so good. I still have the problem that if I rotate my iphone, the page moves to the top, and I have to scroll back down to find where I was, whether or not I rotate back.

    (I went to report a bug, but there was no option for version 9 so it failed.)


  • One question:
    Does Opera Mini 9 allow us to edit bookmark's URL?

  • I can edit my bookmarks' title, but not url. iOS 8.1..., OMini v 9.0...


  • Thanks jmwking

    It seems that inability to edit bookmark's URL is a feature rather than a bug.

    I'm gonna stick with opera mini 7.0.5 till they release a new version without restriction to edit bookmark's URL .

  • This website, crashed the browser for me 3 times in about 5 minutes.

  • No more update?

    At least give us option to sync bookmarks and ability to edit bookmark's URL.

  • hi may i know the turob mode and non turbo mode got no zoomin features
    pls enable it if possible

  • This website, crashed the browser for me 3 times in about 5 minutes.

    I periodically have trouble with a couple Vox media sites (theverge and sbnation). Since it's intermittent, I'm guessing it's bad advertising code. If I reload the page after the oops message, then stop the load when the page is mostly done, it's almost always usable.


  • @feihong3 : Non turbo mode means, the opera mini mode ?

    Can you let me know which website you are referring to ?

  • @lem729: Thanks for the info, will check it.

  • Disaster! After updating to ver. 9.1.0 my speed dials and bookmarks disappeared. Very annoying, hours of search gone.

  • @laxadk, please report fill a bug report form on so we can find out what happened, to avoid problems in the future. Please provide your e-mail address, so we can stay in touch with you. Thank you for letting us know:)

  • Please add an option to adjust font size
    Badly needed

  • Please add an option to adjust font size
    Badly needed

    Even more than that, could you please increase the maximum font size to 400%? There are some sites that start from a really tiny font so 200% isn't enough.

  • Thanks for sharing the Information. I will check it.

  • I have something i would like to say u know we like to open multiple tabs and for me i sometimes open 15 tab and over ur opera mini pages stop preloading and shows me error link because of 2g weak signal nd the low capability of ram and cpu processing and i faced that a lot on opera android and made post for that
    To overcome such prob i have to stop and reload all pages separately in opera android i make that so easily n this i cant do that and its quite hard and annoying so why dont us add the option to change reload button and put in n the way we like and listen to me for once

  • I'm using Opera Mini version on ios 8.1.2 and the text wrap feature does not work. I previously used Opera for Android on a Galaxy SIII and it worked flawlessly. IMO text wrap is by far Opera's best feature. Has anyone else had issues with text wrap and found a solution? Thanks in advance.

  • @whiskeytangodelta, could you please describe what you do to see if it works? Do you have problems on all sites or only on specific ones?

  • If u could help me i do need the old version layout u really made agreat mistake integrating both versions and removing old layout which was the best latyout in both ios and android market if u could me

    I need to download version 7 of opera mini
    I cant find it how could i do that ?