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  • @lodestone How did you import them? None of mine show up at all.

  • Also the new speed-dial is crap, many websites logo do not appear and make it extremely hard to identify different sites on speed dial. Concentrate on fixing core features that people are screaming for instead of breaking things that people are happy with.

  • ok, this is an open source free program.... thank you. BUT how do I remove the new STUPID STUPID SPEED DIAL, thanks for messing up my very efficient system of folders etc.

    Good question someone asked before why not fixed problems people are complaining about eg the importing of from other browsers etc.

    WHO IN THE WORLD thought up this stupid SPEED DIAL, especially as there doesnt appear to be anyway to get rid of it.

    CAN I go back to an earlier version of OPERA, I AM NOT IMPRESSED WITH BEING FORCED TO HAVE SPEED DIAL, I am not a 3 year old that needs its nose wiped regularly and am comfortable with the way I set up my browser TO SUIT ME... not to suit OPERA.

    PLEASE advise is there anyway to contact OPERA apart from the bug section..... really peeved. and yes I AM SHOUTING MY FRUSTRATION.

    OPERA has had so many glitches of the past few months with crashes, flash crashes, extension crashes, that I am seriously thing of removing it, WHY FIX SOMETHING THAT IS NOT BROKE and WHY TAKE AWAY OUR CHOICE.

    NICE ONE..... and blow for freedom of choice

  • Originally posted by Blackbird:
    To repeat and revise a question I first asked several hours ago: is this present Opera 25 update to Presto Opera being selectively pushed via Presto Opera's auto-updater? There are two user comments in this forum that strongly indicate that interpretation:



    (the latter dating from 8 October) Both comments indicate that Opera 25 auto-upgraded an Opera 12.xx installation, but at least to some extent, without asking user agreement.

    To that question, I now add a second question: did this auto-updating process selectively start prior to the 15 October annoucement appearing in this thread?</blockquote>
    I'm a happy user of Opera 11 and an unhappy user of Windows XP.
    As Opera Presto and Opera Blink are indeed different browsers, I neither need to abandon MY Opera nor clutter my operating system with yet another browser - as I'm about to use it up as it is.
    Am I under threat to get forced to "update" to the new browser with the same name or not? My browser's set NOT to upgrade, but...

  • I have never used Opera 12 - I started in Opera at version 15, having previously used mainly Firefox - which I still use for some purposes.
    Here is what is wrong with all Opera 15+ (Chromium) versions

    1. Too few settings are available for changing things
    2. No Print Preview, which means you can't get a page to print how you want it - as a result I always access certain sites through Firefox because I have work-related things I need to print from them
    3. Alt-D does various things, doesn't always take you to the address bar so you can start typing a URL. I use my browsers fast and I don't want to have to think about where I am before I press Alt-D
    4. Opera Turbo comes on without warning, and as far as I know cannot be blocked from doing so; the result being that I find I can't access web pages, and then after a while, sometimes a long while, having tried Firefox, I suddenly think "I wonder if Turbo is on"
    5. In the very latest versions I keep getting a pull down Opera menu appearing in front of other applications after I have used Alt-Tab
    6. Lack of a Bugzilla style interactive community bug reporting system - as a result there is no way of knowing whether Opera is listening to your concerns

    I agree about the settings and I've started a thread about it as it isn't clear to me that this has been satisfactorily answered...

  • not-a-dodo seriously, calm down. If you don't like Opera, use another browser. Also 'and blow for freedom of choice'??? Its a FREE browser ffs, not your civil right!

  • I like that Opera 25, but please bring us back Opera link !!! Lots of your users !!!

  • BUT how do I remove the new STUPID STUPID SPEED DIAL

    Take a look at it, in special at the bottom right.

  • "Today a popup asked if I wanted to update to the latest version of Opera. I said no. When I next turned on the computer - it was updated without my permission."

    Check Program Files/Opera and confirm whether Opera was actually upgraded. I had a similar experience and discovered it didn't actually upgrade Opera -- I'm still at Presto -- but did completely upend my Opera prefs ini file, totally changing the look and feel of Presto and making it unusable. Until I started digging deep into my system, I also thought I had somehow been upgraded. Solution was to replace the new prefs file with a recent backup copy of the old one.

    As I said in the other thread, to try to cram down an upgrade to people who've specifically opted out of upgrades and then destroy the utility of their existing Presto installation by replacing the prefs ini file is more than an ethical lapse.

  • As peterinscotland said

    1. Too few settings are available for changing things
    2. No Print Preview, which means you can't get a page to print how you want it

    These are still things that need adding, there used to be more setting control with early versions of Opera. My dad prints quite a bit from web pages and most, if not all don't fit the page fully. In 12.17 and before he could do a print preview and if it didn't fit he could change the settings to enlarge it to fit the page, or just make the text bigger as some printouts have too small text for him to read properly.

    Its good to see the bookmarks tab return, although I've got to see if i can import my old bookmarks from 12.17.

  • I nearly forgot, unless i've missed it can the auto update be turned off so i get notified when a new version is available and do it manually? If its not there it needs to be brought back!

  • Yes, Upgradevictim, mine was actually updated (I checked to see what Version I now have and it was the new 25).

  • Yes, Upgradevictim, mine was actually updated (I checked to see what Version I now have and it was the new 25).

    But have you also checked in your programs folder to see whether the old Presto Opera version still lives there (and is functional by double-clicking on its opera.exe file)? Installing Blink Opera ordinarily (and "officially") leaves the Presto Opera version in place and unperturbed, possibly copying out only bookmarks data and replacing the Opera shortcuts with new ones pointing to the new Blink Opera installation.

  • This update is simply ridiculous, moron, disoriented and left me extremely upset.
    The speed dial page I can use in the old version, and the page of markers? Why can't I see them as thumbnails as it used to?
    Is there any way to go back as it was?

  • There is a way.
    To write Opera 13, by ourselves, from everything we could scratch out of the [opensourced?] Presto engine and latest true versions.

  • Blackbird71, I just checked my programs - the only Opera program there is the new 25 version that Opera covertly installed yesterday. The older version appears to be gone.

  • @lindseyoconnor, that is very disturbing news. In my opinion, if it is intentional that way by Opera, it violates the assurances which Opera has all along provided that Presto users would be able to continue using Presto as long as they want, and that any "updating" would leave the original installation in place and operative (which is how manual Blink Opera installations up until now have all worked).

    There still has been no answer/explanation/amplification on what is going on with possible auto-updating from Presto to Opera 25 by either Opera or those non-Opera folks around here who are "close" to Opera. That, by itself, sounds ominous. While I certainly don't want my own Opera installations ripped up by such an Opera-driven update process (I can readily recover from backups, etc), I am much more concerned that the supposed updating being observed is malware-driven in some manner. Maliciously installing "fake" or malware-laden "updates" to/along-side-of well-known software is a time-honored, though not universal, technique employed by the bad guys. As such, users experiencing this need to be advised whether or not their systems have been compromised somehow, and other Presto users out there need to be advised whether there is some kind of new threat now on their immediate horizon.

    The reports now exist in multiple places in this forum... the user experiences are real, for better or worse. An explanation from Opera is needed, since only they know for sure what they are or are not doing with updates.

  • I think this is necessary because someday Presto will be unuseable and the devs won't provide the download link.