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Opera will not reopen from taskbar after being minimised

  • Re: Opera IWindow does not Open

    I'm in Windows 10 with the September update. This bug preceded that however - it goes back to April or May 2021.

    I can see the window as a thumbnail when the cursor is on the Opera icon on the taskbar. It is active, but there is nothing I can do to open it or get it any bigger. This happens quite often, always after "sleep". Even if I delete the icon and go back to the .exe launcher file in the source program, it just opens back up as a thumbnail. If I try to close it in the taskbar, it doesn't close. If I shut it down with taskmaster, and reactivate it a minute later, it just opens in the tiny thumbnail window again and cannot be enlarged. If I click to open another Opera window, it just also opens as a thumbnail. I can have a whole bunch of them open, lined up above the task bar, with many tabs, but totally unusable! So far, the only way to use Opera again is shutting down completely and rebooting. Surely there's a better way to keep Opera open than that?!

    I see others this year have had a similar problem, but I see no solution posted to any of the other posts. [I'll try the reboot method to make Opera openable again. If there isn't a quick addition to this, please assume that worked!]

  • @peasmould Many of the other threads involve Opera being off-screen, and the suggestion there has been to press Win-D (Show Desktop) several times. Another is to press Alt-Space to display Opera's System menu (the one with Minimize/Restore/Maximize, etc. on it) then use the menu and keyboard to move it.

  • @peasmould inferred based upon all, it's clearly Windows fault, has nothing to do with Opera.
    Roll back to the one before this having the issue if not available the newest to replace it

  • @sgunhouse said in Opera will not reopen from taskbar after being minimised:


    Thank you, @sgunhouse. Rebooting didn't solve the problem, but repeated pressing of Win-D did bring back the Opera window on the desktop, so I could expand it to be usable.. Brilliant! You've been a big help.

  • @mardiyah Thanks for trying to help. It only happens with Opera, not Firefox, Edge, or any other open application when minimised in the task bar. @sgunhouse has given me the amswer. Repeat Win-D a few times, and a version of opera reappears in a small expandable window on my desktop.