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Is opera browser latest version better than Google Chrome or Safari?

  • I'm wondering because I use Google chrome I don't use my internet browser no more because its so slow but I want to know which is best Opera browser, Safari or Google Chrome?

  • Given that only you have the unique combination of personal preferences and computer performance attributes that you do, only you can answer that question fully. Since they're all free, why not try each of them out and see for yourself?

    A lot of posters here will describe the advantages of Opera, and there are many. On other forums, users will similarly describe advantages of other browsers. Likewise, you will come across many posts of complaint about the limitations or problems with any given browser. The point is that there is no "best" browser... only the one which works best for you and your computer. And over time and version updates, even that may change.

    If seeking advice about the advantages of a particular browser, to get the most relevant advice, it's always useful to briefly describe your computer (speed, vintage, etc), its RAM quantity, and your operating system. It also helps to describe briefly your browsing habits (do you usually browse with multiple tabs, play around with manual browser settings, watch videos a lot, etc.)

  • I will say my personal experience, but it's just me. I like vertical arrangement of tabs which is not available in new Opera.
    For me it would be:

    • Chrome with "Automatic Tab Cleaner/Suspender" and Adblock extensions - no solution for vertical tabs anymore since Chrome 16 (there is a bunch of extensions for that, but nothing in browsers window, only popups and such).

    • Firefox with "vertical tabs" and "suspend tab" extensions, but it's slowest from the bunch.

    • Opera 12 (outdated probably will not have updates anymore) most customizable ever!

    • Safari is good as well, it gives you dropdown menu when tabs won't fit in tabbar (not so comfy).

    • Then there is Maxthon which starts to be more interesting with its development.

    • And last is Opera 20 and up, which is a total disappointment, I stick with it only for new tab hibernation experimental feature (which is limited to 79 tabs at once - some bug that I hope will get fixed in future).

    So actually in your place I would stick with Chrome (sorry Opera devs, but that's my opinion). If it got slow try to do a clean installation, because actually it should be FASTER with every update.

  • It's definitely not even remotely as good as it used to be (Opera 12.17!). 😞

  • As in performance you can run a benchmark for it and find out Opera and Chrome are about equal while Safari is so far worse that you don't even want to think about using that browser. Away from that I guess Opera and Chrome win over each other in different areas and the best thing to do is probably pick the browser you think suits you the best.

  • Apropos,
    to discuss various browsers in general - if you like, there is a "Browsers" thread in the Lounge. <abbr title="Welcome!"> ☕ </abbr>

  • Now I have used Chrome quite a bit, so @rodolfoo1, I'm familiar with it and Opera 24. Opera is by far the best, in my view, if you like a Speed Dial (with folders), because Opera's is superb and state of the art, and more advanced than anything Chrome has to Offer. It's also built into the native browser (for Opera), and not an extension. You can, with Opera, create a folder of items for each speed dial position (by dragging one bookmark/thumbnail on top of another). Also, go with Opera if you'd find useful the Discover feature (a super RSS-type feature in multiple languages as part of the browser) (which I find quite useful), or the Turbo mode, if you do some browsing where the internet speed is slow, and want to enhance performance. With Opera you can use almost all of the Chrome extensions if you so desire. That should make getting used to Opera, quite easy for any Chrome user. The Opera browser itself is likely as fast as Chrome (they use the same browser engine) -- probably faster than Firefox and Internet Explorer. I love the Opera Speed Dial (with folders), so for me, the choice is simple. What Blackbird'71 said though is quite right. Personal preferences, and what a person is doing when they use a browser, differ. Therefore, their choice in a browser may well differ.

    I am not familiar with desktop Safari, so can make no comparison there.

  • Which is the best opera version after 12.17...?

  • Which is the best opera version after 12.17...?

    Opera 24, the latest stable one. Or, if you don't mind testing betas, Opera 25.

  • I'm wondering because I use Google chrome I don't use my internet browser no more because its so slow but I want to know which is best Opera browser, Safari or Google Chrome?

    The best browser is the one you think is best, there's a multitude of browsers all free to download and try out, not everyone agrees on which is best, You download them, and there is LOTS of them, try them out and decide which is best, no one can do that for you, Good Luck 🙂

  • Opera currently has a just a couple of features that aren't yet in Google Chrome (such as Speed Dial) but is an almost exact clone really. Some of the menus have been changed and items hidden (try finding the 'find in page').
    Previous versions of Opera tried out lots of innovative ideas but those ideas ceased at version 12.17 when Opera moved to become based on Chromium, as is Google's Chrome.
    Personally I believe Opera 12.17 is the best browser ever as it is totally customisable (I even use my own button designs!). Shame it was discontinued and is now outdated.
    I'm currently testing SlimJet, also Chromium based but which looks promising.

  • I have been trying to get away from Firefox based browsers. I like Slimjet 64bit version because it is fast and it offers me one important feature (to me) that Chrome does not offer, and that is a bookmarks side panel that I can keep docked such as what Firefox has. With that being said,their bookmarks side panel does not work as well as the V7 Bookmarks extension does here in Opera. If there was a way that I could get V7 to work in Slimjet, then I would probably use Slimjet exclusively over Opera 30.0. But so far, I have not found a way to do that.