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  • Everytime Opera is updated, it changes the folder name so that it includes the actual version of the browser.
    An sich, no problem, except for the fact that everytime it changes, I have to re-grant access to the internet in my firewall (so everytime it asks 4-5 times if opera and opera autoupdate are allowed to access the internet).
    Not only do I have to re-grant access, I now have to regularily purge my firewall rules because the older versions are kept.

    So: can you stop putting version numbers in folder names ? It has no use and creates nothing but a mess on windows 🇳🇴

  • A bit offtopic, but MY firewall (very old Comodo) warns me always, when network-accessing executable file changes - IMO this is very good behavior. Well, my firewall allows me to accept new/changed exe with two mouse clicks either; windows firewall is not that easy to configure.

    Back to topic - I would like keeping opera in same folder for other reasons. I have created some direct shortcuts to opera.exe and similar - after every update these shortcuts became invalid.

    What means that I fully support your suggestion 🙂

  • It'll be better to have a custom install then. 😛

  • @donq: funny that you mention it, I too have the somewhat older version of Comodo, can't remember if it does that too (tugh I disabled defense+)

    @joshl: would that work ? Gonna try it tomorrow 🙂

  • Changing folder names also interfere with Microsoft EMET rules, which have to be manually recreated with each new version. Since Opera updates silently, it often takes a while to notice you have been running a potentially less secure browser.

    Backups of previous versions are a nice feature, but please store the latest version in an unchanging folder (e.g. "current").

  • Update:

    EMET 5.0 supports wildcards * and ? in program paths. Maybe earlier versions did, too, without my realizing it. As far as the previous post is concerned, changing paths are no longer an issue.

  • Oh god, that's why? I thought Comodo was just being its usual paranoid self, or that I'd configured something wrong.

  • I want to add to this, that every time opera updates, I have to add the new address of the new opera.exe to my mouse and keyboard profiles, to keep my custom button settings from working in the application switching profiles.
    Please keep opera.exe in the same place through updates!