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  • Opera will not open certain links from sites such as my bank, or T-Mobile. The browser just hangs as if it's trying to load the page. Usually it's a link to access sensitive account information, like, changing a password. Chrome and Edge will work just fine. This will happen on Windows, Linux Mint, and Android systems. I have been using Opera for many years, and this problem has been there for quite awhile, however it's happening so often lately, I need to find a fix, or move on to another browser.

  • @kenwood51 As the problem is probably on their end . you might try one of those user-agent switchers to convince them you're using Chrome.. If it works fine like that, the problem is that they don't recognize Opera and aren't sure how to deal with it. As far as websites go, Opera should be the same as Chrome except for the ad and tracker blocking, and they really shouldn't have either of those on a login page for security reasons.

  • @sgunhouse The user agent switcher works on Windows 10, haven't tried it on Linux yet. Doesn't seem to be a way to install a agent switcher extension for Android. With Chrome and Edge based on Chromium, and they have no trouble. I wonder why this is still an issue since Opera is based on Chromium as well.

  • @kenwood51 Opera for mobile doesn't support extensions, only Opera for desktops does.

  • @sgunhouse
    Sorry to say that I will be moving away from Opera. The problem that I am having connecting to my financial and service related websites is only getting worse. This happens on Windows, Linux and Android. Regardless of how much I like Opera, and how long I have been using it, I don't have time to tinker with it when I am trying to get work done. Other Chromium based browsers don't have this problem, so why does Opera? I will check back occasionally to see if things improve, because I really like using Opera. Regards, Kenwood51

  • @kenwood51 You need to ask the sites, they're the ones blocking Opera as it seems.

  • @leocg I understand, perhaps the bank sites are doing something to enhance security, and Opera is unable to cope with it, or maybe it's the other way around, Opera may have tighter security measures in place and the websites can't deal with that. Whatever the case, Chrome and Edge will allow me to connect. I believe there must be others experiencing similar issues. It's very unfortunate because I really like using Opera. I hope that the problem gets worked out in the future, thanks.

  • @kenwood51 You can report the problems to Opera, so that they can try to contact the sites and ask them to stop blocking Opera or, if it doesn't help, try to find a workaround:

  • @leocg ok, will do.