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Get rid of megaphone in latest windows version

  • Ok, sorry for this -- it isn't necessarily a malfunction of Opera just a personal dislike that I'd prefer to not see. I'm talking the latest update of Opera where I suddenly have a bunch of side bar tabs that were formerly closed suddenly reactivated. Then there was the fact that now I have an Amazon extension which I never downloaded nor installed. Those I can fix. Here's one I can't:

    There is now a megaphone in the upper right next to the settings dropdown. Opening it reveals four things: Twitter, Reddit, Blog and Newsletters. I don't and wont use these things and want to make the megaphone go away. Is there any way to do that?

  • @obieephyhm No idea of what you are talking about. Do you have a screen shot?

  • Hmm, sounds like some sort of "Share" menu.

  • @leocg I'm currently functioning on less than four hours sleep after another 15 hour day. I looked at it again and now I'm wondering if what I'm seeing is part of a new duckduckgo ( screen. Otherwise, after I get back from working outdoors in sweltering heat and humidity tomorrow morning, I'll try to get my act together for a decent screen shot. I'm beginning to wonder if I've misidentified a DDG issue as a Opera issue since they both appeared at the same time. Hmmm......

  • @sgunhouse You also have a point and, as my other message indicates, I'm wondering if I blamed the wrong horse . . . when I get some sleep (and some food and some overdue personal hygiene -- not necessarily in that order) I will try to focus the little grey cells and get an answer or three. Thanks!

  • @obieephyhm Yep, it's part of the page.