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[Solved]I lost windows when i shut Opera down in task manager

  • Back when i was using Chrome and if i had multiple windows open and i wanted to shut it down i would shut it down with my task manager (i use Process Hacker) so i can shut down all the windows at once so when i reopen it all the windows reopen.

    And that was working just fine with Opera as well. Until a few days ago. I normally just have 2 windows open but that day i somehow had 4 open with multiple tabs in each one. I go to end the task like usual and only 2 of the windows shut down. Instead of reopening the 2 windows like i should of done i ended the task of the other 2 windows. When i reopened Opera only 2 of the windows came back up, which is expected. But my history showed nothing from the other 2 windows. I lost all those tabs. I was surprised there was no history.

    Now fast forward to today. I was having some weird glitch where the spell check was highlighting all correctly spelled words. So i shut it down again in Process Hacker and when i reopened it, the 2 windows i was just using were gone and the 2 windows i lost a few days ago opened instead. Now isn't that crazy. I'm baffled. Closing it and reopening it did fix the spell check glitch at least.

  • @rgw825 Obviously we recommend you use the Exit item from the menu to close Opera, or Ctrl-Q.

  • @sgunhouse Thank you. I'll do that next time. Didn't realize that was there.

    I'm really enjoying my switch to Opera. I used Opera off and on in the past but never stuck with it. I recall not long ago it never played Youtube videos correctly for me. I'm pretty sure that is not a false memory. But now everything works great. Chrome used up most of my memory while Opera barely touches it. Maybe once in a while if i'm watching a 1080p video it will use a lot . But still not as bad as Chrome. And i can use all the Chrome extensions. There is still a few things i need to get used to. I so used to Chrome having it's main drop down menu be on the right while Opera has it on the left. I'm always clicking the wrong side. 🙂

  • @rgw825 You should only use task manager to end a process/program if the process/program can't be closed by its normal ways.