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  • I'm working with the esp8266-01 and i need to load this web page:

    		<title>ESP8266 relay Control</title>
    	<p><strong>ESP8266 Relay Control</strong></p>  
         <div id='div1'>        
    	<!-- in the <button> tags below the ID attribute is the value sent to the arduino -->
    	<button id="10" class="led">relay1 UP</button> <!-- button for pin 10 -->
    	<button id="11" class="led">relay2 DOWN</button> <!-- button for pin 11 -->
    	<button id="12" class="led">relay3 LIGHT</button> <!-- button for pin 12 -->
    	<script src="jquery.min.js"></script> <!-- -->
    	<script type="text/javascript">
    				var p = $(this).attr('id'); // get id value (i.e. pin13, pin12, or pin11)
    				// send HTTP GET request to the IP address with the parameter "pin" and value "p", then execute the function
    				$.get("", {pin:p}); // execute get request

    If i load directly the file, opera opens it correctly so i added a shortcut in the main page to load that file quickly but it doesn't work.
    The link is


    A test, first i load for the first time the file manually, after i can open with the link but if i kill/close opera and i use directly the link for the first time it fails.

  • @attila Never heard of "content:" as a protocol. Usually it would be "file:".

  • @sgunhouse said in Cannot open an offline html page:

    @attila Never heard of "content:" as a protocol. Usually it would be "file:".

    That protocol was added by opera and neither "file://" works.