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M2 How to Delete permanently > Copy Link > Open link in other browser

  • Below is Only from what I guess and please if someone could correct me. ( as I believe something is not right in there )

    I want to click the link open it from other browser, but before that I need Delete permanently that mail.

    Now I have to manually right click the link & choose open from other browser. Then, going back to Opera to Delete permanently.

    Item, MI_IDM_POPUP_LINK_ADDRESS="Copy link, -2, "urlinfo"" & Delay , 10000 & Delete permanently & "Open link "Execute program, "D:\Vivaldi\Application\vivaldi.exe", "urlinfo""

    Thank you very much.

    Screenshot - 5_24_2021 , 8_59_39 AM.png

  • @emc If you are copying the link to the clipboard, you need to tell the other browser to use the clipboard. Though then again, Opera will not be aware of what the other browser is doing so why not just open the link in the other browser first and then delete the message (and skip the clipboard completely).

  • @sgunhouse

    Thank you !!

    Yes , I'm doing now as you say but found a little bothersome swapping between Chrome & Opera.........

    I thought if "delay , 1000" can use use like this :

    Copy the link
    delete mail permanently
    Delay, 10000
    ( paste the link address and open in Chrome ) something like this ......Execute program, "C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe"

    Thank you very much.

  • @emc You're imagining there is somewhere to paste the address, which there isn't. It should be possible to add a parameter after the program address, so try adding a comma and "%c" at the end or something like that.