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  • The Slow Downloads Topic

  • My download speed was at good 25 mbps and then after downloading a couple of things, it just plummeted to 10kbps and sometimes goes to 0 then crashes. I don't know why this happened and its only happening on my browsers.

  • @that1person
    Installed strange extensions? Virus entered Pc? Wifi speed or Adsl got down? Any other?
    You are only that can pinpoint, making tests and knowing what you've previously done.

  • Hey, today I wanted to download something large that I need for my computer.

    However, the download is super slow, when I say super slow I mean 400kb a second. I did a internet speed test and I got 100mb a second... I'm really confused. please help me out.

  • @jonathan-zuntz You need to check in different times of the day, in different days, with different browsers.
    You should also check in different sites.

  • @jonathan-zuntz maybe also, ensure no other resident program or tools or window are using internet. Even other browser's window, music players, chat or videos, sync apps, advertising videos on browser windows, anything. You could close all browser tabs then reboot system, then close all tray icons and any resident programs, then retry the download. Before to begin download, check the band that the browser can access, for instance on site.
    If after all this is not enough, maybe you should optimize registry settings for internet, but don't use third tools, only use Siv (system Info viewer by Ray Hincliffe) and in menu Tune - Windows, go to page User tuning (increase a bit the "max connections" values - normal and max - if they are 1 or too low under the max limit). If this is not working enough again, there are other settings but they are slight dangerous, easy to go worst than better, they require study.
    Also Microsoft tool to solve connection problems, could help well.