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How do I get only site-specific user names and passwords?

  • I go to a site where I know I have an account. I click in the "user" field and Opera proposes a list of 6 user names.

    1: I don't know what user name I use for this site
    2: I do know that the user names suggested are not correct

    I have over 1115 different online accounts (user names/email addresses). I do not want to have to look each user name up every time I go to a web site to log in. I do save my credentials when I log on to pages. I do not "save this physical address with this email address" because that would be stupid - I'd end up with a list of 1115 addresses to choose from.

    I would like usernames, passwords, email and physical addresses to be disassociated from one another in the "save" portion of the user manager of Opera. I have a limited number of real physical addresses.

    Or, hey! What's a better way for me to control and deal with this? It's really bugging me that I have to look up each user name. I do not know what the user name is!!!

    TIA 🙂

  • @5zveqzrhwv I've only ever had it propose names I typed there. You could go to Settings > Passwords and put the site name into the search box to see the names you used there.

    Perhaps the site is actually using an external site to log in (I know my work site does this)?

  • @5zveqzrhwv Here, when I go to a login page the username and password fields are usually filled automatically by Opera with the last used username. If I want to use a different one, I need to click on the username field, so Opera will show the usernames saved for that page/domain only to be chosen.

    At least here, if I'm on site1 I will not see the usernames of the site2 on that list.

  • @sgunhouse The user is in "passwords" for the site. When I click in the user field I see 6 options and none of them have anything to do with the site. If I type the first character of the username (after I look that up elsewhere) I get a list of all of the usernames I have that begin with that character. However, how would I know what the right username to pick is? And how would I know what the first character is, regardless? I do not believe they're using an external logon. This behavior is seen across a non-negligible number of websites (not most or anything like that but enough that it happens to me every day and it's a PITA).

  • @leocg Well.. That's not the behavior I see 🙂 I use Opera on a lot of different devices and I see the same behaviors everywhere - without having copied my profile from machine to machine - so I'm thinking it's part of how the program works. I do, again, have well over 1000 different user names and yet... I think that computers should be smarter than this!

  • @5zveqzrhwv I mean... Two of the two last websites didn't populate the user correctly. In fact, the latest one of them isn't suggesting anything when I start typing characters in the user box.

  • @5zveqzrhwv That's strange. How is the behavior in Chrome and other Chromium based browsers?
    If you export your passwords, then delete Login Data and start saving your passwords again, what happens?

  • @5zveqzrhwv Maybe a case of messed up login page? Those pages have only username and password in the login page or they have other fields like ones for inputting code, captcha, etc?

  • @5zveqzrhwv Some websites have code that is supposed to disable autofill, in that case it wouldn't be Opera's fault.

  • Well... Thanks for the replies. I'm giving up and will seek a better password manager (I have three outside of automated ones in opera) and will just take the extra steps and use those.

  • @5zveqzrhwv What do you mean by automated ones?

  • @leocg the one in opera is basically automated - included in the browser. Instead of ever trying to use that one (reminder - it doesn't appear to work for my use case) I'm going to try to find a better password manager. Or to just flail along as I do now.

    Opera's behavior (and perhaps Chromium's) is fine for most folks. It doesn't work for me. No worries - I'm used to working around other people and getting things closer to the way I want them. I have 5 competing browsers open on my desktop and another 5 on my phone (not the same ones) right now. I use Opera as my primary browser when logging in to most things and it does a very poor job, on its own, of making that work. For my use case!

  • @5zveqzrhwv
    Just a question - can you tell us, on what sites/pages you experience such behavior? We could at least look, what kind of html elements are behind username field.

    I have not seen any serious problems with username/password fields[*], but like other people said, it is quite possible that username box uses strange name/id internally and while typing you see simple autofill, which populates itself with all things, what you have entered into various textboxes.

    [*] on one home router, where there is only password field (no username), Opera fills it wrong - but allows select correct password by emptying text and clicking on it with mouse.

  • @5zveqzrhwv Opera's password manager just automatically fil in the username and password fields, the rest is done (almost) manually.

  • I would goto the URL opera://about and take note of the "profile" path. Then, close Opera and delete the "Web Data" and "Web Data-journal" files in the profile folder. That will delete any autofill data for forms (but not your stored usernames and passwords). Then, I'd start Opera and see what shows up when you click the login form field on the site. If that clears things up, you're probably good to go. But, it eventually starts showing invalid things again, delete the Web Data files again, goto the URL opera://settings/addresses and turn off "Save and fill addresses" as the entries might be coming from there for some reason (because the site uses a certain name for the form field).

    If you still see invalid login info entries for the site, I'd goto the URL opera://settings/passwords to make sure there's nothing invalid in there. If you find invalid entries and delete them and that doesn't help the situation, go back to opera://settings/passwords, click the 3 vertical dots to the right of "saved passwords" and export your passwords to a csv file. Then, look at the CSV file to make sure there are no invalid entries in there. Then, while Opera is closed, deleete the Login Data file in the profile folder. Then, start Opera, goto the URL opera://flags/#PasswordImport, enable the flag, restart Opera, goto the URL opera://settings/passwords again, click the 3 vertical dots again, and choose to import the csv file. In short, you export your passwords, delete the password file and import your passwords back.

    If that doesn't clear things up, the extra user names are coming from somewhere else.

    If you want, to see if any of that will work without messing with your normal Opera profile, export your passwords to a CSV file and import them into a standalone installation of Opera. You can then delete the installation when you're done testing.

  • @donq it happens more often that not.

    Here are a few examples: - no user name - no user name - a long list of email addresses (none of which are the user for this site) - click on login then a long list of email addresses (none of which are the user for this site)

    Those are not just random examples - they are the first 4 links in my bookmarks. (The fifth link worked like it's supposed to!) So in this sample 80% of sites fail. Not a good average!

  • @5zveqzrhwv
    First one has autocomplete="off", I have no user there either - nothing is suggested at all.
    Second one is 403 forbidden, can't even see page.
    Third and fourth have username field marked as type="email", id = "email", name="email" - nothing will hint that this is username or even text field. For me (having no accounts there) Opera suggested all e-mails, what I have had entered - quite like you described. Had I account there, results would maybe different.

    On sites what I'm using and have account for, username boxes usually are not marked as type="email", they are type="text". It is possible that Opera handles such "email" textboxes in strange (wrong) way, needs some more confirmation.

  • @donq Ha! 403? Interesting. I can get there from any browser... And Chrome suggests some random email address for it, anyway.

    I think that all of this is saying that none of it works anywhere and that browsers suck. If coders of web pages were uniform in their actions then maybe things would work better but my only hope of having anything work anywhere near well is to get a better password manager. At least, that's my takeaway!

    Thanks for looking into those.

  • @5zveqzrhwv said in How do I get only site-specific user names and passwords?:

    I think that all of this is saying that none of it works anywhere and that browsers suck.

    This I can wholeheartedly agree 🙂

  • For sites that use autocomplete="off", see Scroll down on the page and you'll see 3 extensions that will force autocomplete to be on. One of them should work.