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Site links not aligning with page (difficult to explain)

  • This is a weird one, so bear with me.

    Imagine a webpage having a transparent sheet on top of it. The part of the page that you can see is on the bottom, and the part that you tap on is on top. Now, normally the part of the transparent sheet that you tap on to go to a different page is directly on top of the text or image corresponding to that link. (You tap on a picture of a giraffe and you go to for example). Now, fairly often, my Opera will "move" that link, like someone nudged the transparent sheet with the link. So if tap the giraffe, nothing happens, but if I click a centimeter or so below the giraffe, I can go to If I kill the browser and restart it, it's back to normal, for a while anyway. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling. I don't notice any pattern in this happening on certain sites, with a certain number of tabs, a specific time of day, what color t-shirt I'm wearing, anything. Any ideas?

    Opera for Android 62.3.3146.57763
    Pixel 2XL running Android 11

  • @adammmiles I've seen that before, though usually associated with a blank area. And actually not in Opera, but I have seen it before.

    In my case, it was related to the tab bar - if the tab bar was visible on the screen, then the location you had to click on the screen was offset from where it appeared on the screen by the width of the tab bar. If you scroll the screen (so that the tab bar disappears) then you can click where things actually appear. (Yes, as you can tell it was another browser - but it was a preview version so I won't mention the name.)

    How much of that sounds like your problem? Is the offset always a fixed amount, is it related to something on the page or something in the browser, ... any way you can quantify it and relate it to something else going on will help.

  • @sgunhouse I will check this out next time it happens. Thanks!

  • @adammmiles I am also facing the same issue, with my Opera browser the screen disappear and show the blank screen. How can I resolve the issue.

  • @alex450 That's not the same issue. Start your own topic for it.