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Did Opera just block Flash?

  • Until a few days ago I could still run Flash games on Opera. (there is a website that shows you how to get the flash settings on Opera and enable the game site. Then I just had to set the computer date to January 11 to get around the Adobe block & the games worked). Then suddenly the Opera flash setting page disappeared and the games are blocked. You can't even search Settings for flash. Digging around, it seems the browser automatically updated to 74 and that's where the problem seems to lie. And it appears impossible to get 73 back anywhere. Has any one else found any way to keep running flash?

  • Google are not using Flash anymore on Chrome.

    Opera is based on Chromium, which is an open source project alongside Google.

    My guess is that this applies to Chromium browsers, including Opera.

    I am not sure myself but it might be worth going onto the Chrome Web Store and having a look at extensions which might be able to help you with Flash.

    Alternatively, just use another browser. I know that Firefox is still using Flash, so you might want to give that a try.

    Hope this helps!

  • The "Opera and Chromium – PPAPI" version is available for Chromium and browsers based on Chromium (such as Opera) as well as other applications that support PPAPI technology. This plugin cannot be installed on Google Chrome as it comes with its own built-in Flash component

    I hope you got your answer.

    Please tell me if there is any other question?

  • @sophiagracia No, Chrome and most other browsers have dropped Flash this year, Adobe is no longer supporting it.

  • @arcade-boss Adobe has officially stopped supporting flash end of year 2020. You can find their Press Release here:

  • I thought that all browsers already blocked him