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How to know if a page is bookmarked

  • I have bookmarked quite a few web pages, but when I bring them up, I don't see any indication that I'm looking at a bookmarked page. Is it there, but I'm just not seeing it?

  • Same happened with me few days back, I just bookmarked few topics for my exams preparation but when i just opened opera nothing was there.

  • In Windows or Linux, if a site was bookmarked the Add to Bookmarks icon in the address bar changes color (being a heart it turns red). While you can put an Add to Bookmarks icon to the address bar in Android (it's under Appearance), the icon is a ribbon and doesn't change color (I just tried it).

  • @sgunhouse - you said 'you can put an Add to Bookmarks icon to the address bar in Android (it's under Appearance)' but I don't see that option in the appearance settings on my tablet?

  • @freedda It's a pretty long list ...

    Go ro Settings > Appearance > Shortcut in address bar. This pops up a list with 13 icons you can add to the address bar; everything from reader mode to add to offline pages.. It seems to only allow one at a time though, and you might think reload or translate is more useful. Much of it is over on the 3 dots menu anyway.

  • @sgunhouse - I found that list, but it only seems to offer me the option of having an "Add to bookmarks" icon appear in the address bar, which is a quick way to add any page to Bookmarks.

    But as far as I can tell, it still doesn't provide any indication of whether or not a page is already bookmarked - which is what I'm asking about.

    I looked at a few pages I've already bookmarked and still, there's nothing in Opera that shows me these are already-bookmarked pages.

    So, it seems I'm back where I started from?

  • @freedda I did say in my first post that unlike the Windows and Linux browsers, Opera for Android doesn't change the icon. 😞

  • @sgunhouse - okay, so what you're saying is, there is no way for me to do what I want to do in Opera for Android, and you were just showing me another feature (that I wasn't asking about).

  • @freedda There is nothing, as far as I know, that indicates that a page was already bookmarked on Opera for Android.

  • Actually, I was testing as I went. I knew desktop versions did it that way, so I tried it on Android - but it didn't work.