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  • General Opera GX Feedback Topic V2

  • I've only used it very briefly, so some of the things I'd want, might already be there, and I just didn't see them.

    The biggest issue I have is the GX corner. I'm a gamer, but that doesn't necessarily mean I want to see some random game news (not to mention the daily news...) when I open my browser. Please add an option to disable it, or at least have it not default to it when I drag out a tab to create a new window. Also, being able to start out on speed dial would be nice.

    My second annoyance is that the GX control panel is only available through the sidebar (at least I didn't see it anywhere else). I really don't like the side bar being on all the time, and having to enable it through the settings (or even the easy setup) when I'd like to limit my RAM/CPU usage would be a pain in that one lower body part. Add an option to open the panel from the menu. Or better yet, have a small button to toggle the sidebar on and off. Ideally, both. Oh, and it makes noises, even though I disabled the browser sounds. Hopefully a bug, and not a "feature".

    I like the look of the browser but... It's a tad too dark for my taste. Not sure how possible it is, but an option to customize the color would be appreciated. The tabs could use some more contrast too.

    TLDR: Just add some more customization options! The CPU/RAM limiter pretty much sold it to me already, polish it up a bit and at least add an option to get rid of the GX corner and I'll gladly switch to it.

  • I am completely new to Opera in general. I usually use Google Chrome. The gaming aspect of the browser sounded nice so I set it up, and I love the extra features it brings opposed to other browsers. The ram limiter made me want to switch instantly. I do have some issues/complaints/feedback. Also, I don't know if certain things already exist, eventhough I have gone trough all of the settings. Also, Idk if these issues are exclusive to the GX browser, or just all Opera browsers in general.

    I personally don't like having the sidebar on at all times, it's a bit distracting, but I do think it's pretty useful. Maybe an option to have it pop-up when hovering your mouse all the way to the left edge? Or just make it easaly toggleable, maybe using the menu in the top left? Or even just a small button in the bottom left that toggles it.

    What about being able to unpin/remove the GX corner? I already know that I won't use it at all, so for me it's just a useless console remote icon there. (also, why a console remote, why not a keyboard and mouse? It's a PC program after all...)

    I love the fact that you can use chrome exetensions on Opera GX. I installed all extensions that I previously used on Chrome, and most of them work fine, but some where I am required to sign into a Google account, don't seem to work. Trying to click sign-in at the "save to Google Keep" extension just does noting.

    Also the right-side "easy setup" panel is weird. In Chrome you can for example see all your extensions when clicked on a right side menu. I use alot of extensions of which I don't want to see all of them in my toolbar at all times. When I hide an extension, it takes me like 10 clicks and trying to find the extension to unhide it. This could be made way easier by just being able to see a small overview of all extensions in a one click away menu and temporarily unhiding it by left clicking, or completely unhide it in a small right-click menu.
    Also I don't think it's necesarry to have some of those options right there. Like importing settings is only something that you do once, and never again, but in this browser its literally two clicks away. IMO it should pop up or something when first starting the browser, and then be hidden somewhere relatively deep into the settings.
    A cool option for this I think would be that you can customize whatever appears there from the settings.

    Just something I noticed while exploring the options is that when taking a screenshot, you can't blur parts using ellipses..?

    What about being able to customize the other colors in the browser? Not only the accents. I'm not really into these completely dark colors. And also what about being able to customize the accents color per website. Like when I go to Reddit, the accent is reddit-coloredr-orange and when I go to Youtube its the red from youtube? And Twitch purple and so on. Or since this is a gaming browser, rainbow effects and stuff like that. Maybe even allow it to synchronise with other programs or hardware? Obviously we need RGB functions to improve the performance 😃

    In the left sidebar, what about being allowed to have your own chat website you use. For example the Whatsapp thing is just bascially a resized tab of that always stays open. How about being able to add on to those?

    What about a built in dark mode? Just like one of those extensions, but then built in like the adblocker is.

  • Hello, liking the smoothness and the interface of Opera GX, migrating from Firefox shortly after migrating from Chrome. Her is what I think:

    • I would like to be able to disable GX Corner, I have no use for it

    • I would like a way to get rid of the snapshot and easy setup icons in the address bar

    • I wish it would automatically start typing in the address bar when I open a new tab or when I start the browser, it is really annoying to need to do an extra click for no reason.

    Other than that, I'm really liking it so far 🙂 Keep up the good work devs.

  • @Emerod (Idk if I can edit posts on here?) I also found another annoyance, the icons on the speed dial thing. For example I type, intead of getting the gmail Icon i just get text saying gmail as a button. Some pre-set stuff do have icons, but if I type the exact same link with the same name, the icon doesn't come back.

  • @Emerod For some of your points

    • "Allow it to synchronise colors" It already includes Razer Chroma which is exactly that for Razer products, who knows they might add other platforms down the line also (like Corsair's iCUE)
    • "Custom Websites in Sidebar" Sidebar extensions are a thing. Web Panel can add any website (however you can only have one open at a time since extensions can only add one panel)
  • For the love of all that is holy, add a light mode. This dark-mode is too dark during the day. Just let me pick any color I want (cfr Vivaldi)

  • @bgiesing39 wait, where is that hidden? The Razor chrome?

  • Hello first of all and congrats on this very promising browser.
    I would like to say I am quite satisfied by how it looks and what are the possibilities with it.

    But sadly I am dissapointed in a couple of things which I'd like fixed/added.

    I will list them below with bullet points and will keep on editing this post(if possible to add extra things I might notice):

    • I run a dual monitor setup so I keep 2-3(sometimes even 4) windows of a browser open. Having a total of ~25-30 tabs open, the opera browser goes crazy in terms of memory and CPU usage. I saw 80% CPU usage and 100% memory usage on a i5 6600k with 16GB of RAM. And opening the Task Manager, it says there are 59-60 processes open.
    • The Gamer corner needs to be disable-able. I follow games, I follow news, but I don't need to have these in front of my eyes every time I open the browser.
    • Speaking of opening the browser, and I've mentioned above about keeping 2-3 windows open, I consider it mandatory for me to have all windows re-opened upon restarting the browser, not only the last window accessed.
      To make sure I made myself understood with the last bullet point, an example: 3 windows, 1 facebook, 1 whatsappweb and 1 reddit. When I turn off the PC or close the browser, I want all windows to close. When I'm reopening the browser, I want all 3 windows to be open.
    • To Be Continued.

    Really looking forward to see improvements.

    Thank you for this browser.

  • @qqq said in GX Feedback:

    Please add an option to disable it, or at least have it not default to it when I drag out a tab to create a new window. Also, being able to start out on speed dial would be nice.

    Also, when you drag a tab from a window that only has that tab into another window with more tabs, instead of closing the window upon merging/transfering the tab, it leaves behind a window with only the GX Corner tab on it, so you have to go back and close it manually, which kind of defeats the purpose of moving a tab from one window to another...

  • @kalikarih Your third point can probably be don eusing the registry, just look up on how to start program upon boot. And I have noticed that the browser saves the opened tabs anyways, so i gues that works.

  • @kalikarih same, i just checked task manager and opera is using 60% of my cpu (i5 6400) while chrome doesnt have this issue 😞

  • Hi there.
    Maybe I have not find the options but is it possible to turn the sidebar's extensions (what's app, messenger,...) to a dark theme?
    Thank you!

  • @sarek1701 Nope, it would depend on Facebook, etc.

  • @leocg Ok, thanks for the reply!

  • Hurm im not getting lower ram usage than google chrome lolalt text

  • @xizzul I opened four websites in both Chrome and Opera GX and Opera is using less memory:


  • Can we do the side bar like this? Optional ofc.

  • I have still an issue with messenger application (Facebook). This was the reason why I shifted to mozilla. And in Opera GX the problem still exist. While typing long message, the left bar is shifting above and above and there is a problem to get to the people from the top, mostly to people which are you typing now. This is so confusing...
    On the picture you can see the issue with the bar which is moved upwards. Only the refresh button could restore it to the default value which is annoying

  • @wyczesanygrzesio That's interesting. I had the same issue a few month ago but it disappeared like it came. And I agree, it was really annoying.
    I still have problems with Messenger such as sending files making it crash 🤷.