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  • Recently I have noticed large downloads to Opera folder. The activity is seen on an onscreen traffic monitor. Judging by the size, these are not update files from automatic update - I have terminated them when they have reached over 500 MB, and once the file reached almost 1 GB before I terminated. If not terminated, they seem to be never ending.
    The destination folder is C:\users\XXXX\AppData\Local\Programs\Opera[version number].
    The data is definitely not from any website I am visiting, and no download activity is initiated by me (other than the normal viewing of a site).
    I am able to monitor the size and volume of data download, identify the destination, and the IP number using TCPView, and terminate the download. Termination has no adverse or any effect on Opera running. After terminating the connection it will periodically resume on its own initiative, sometimes soon, sometimes later, sometimes not at all until another day. Sometimes closing Opera is the only way to prevent the downloading activity from resuming.

    Has anyone else had this experience, or know what the reason could be?

  • Any extensions?

  • @robertbb That's the installation directory in your case, so I guess Opera may be trying to download an update and, for some reason, it's failing.

    Can you see what kind of files they are?

  • @sgunhouse
    Extensions: just Opera adblocker.

  • @leocg
    Interesting. They are the update files. Searching files by date/time shows 3 copies each of maybe 20 files totaling 3 X 180 MB = 540 MB were downloaded to the Opera update directory at the same time this morning, but only 1 copy of each reside in the directory now.
    There was an update today to -329, it appears that the necessary files were downloaded 3 times!
    I will continue to monitor this. I did terminate the download stream at some point today but it was at several hundred MB - way more than the apparent 180 MB for an update.
    I am surprised that an Opera update is 180 MB now.