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  • I know Opera Mail has been depreciated but I recemtly had to re-install it for a special usage. It works fine despite its age.

    However it does not display the number of messages in folders like Thundrebird and similar programs do. It does show "bold" when there are unread messages which is a help.

    Is there a way to turn on displaying the number of messages in a given folder? I cannot locate any setting that allows me to do that. I am using IAMP to Gmail and Yahoo Mail.


  • Have over the text for folder/view in the mail panel and it'll show a tooltip with the number of unread and the total. (The Unread view will only show the Unread count for obvious reasons.)

    And/or, you can right-click on the toolbar above the message list, goto customize -> appearance -> Buttons -> Mail and drag the status field to the toolbar.

  • @burnout426 Thanks for the response. I was able to drag that into the toolbar.

    However, is there a way for the program to tally the unread number in each folder. In T-Bird and similar programs you might see the following...

    INBOX 5
    SENT 10

    And similar. I take it the program was never developed to that level?

  • @burnout426 Is that mouseover supposed to work in O12 also? When I mouseover, the folder shows an underline but no tooltip. Maybe there is a setting I am not seeing.

  • For me, the panel does show unread on all folders where that number is not 0. If you hover the title in the panel, the tooltip shows unread and total.

    In Opera 12 (and earlier) there is a setting under Preferences > Advanced > Browsing for Show tooltips, unfortunately Opera Mail removed that setting from the dialog - if you want to try and change it you'll need to edit the file by hand.

  • Excellent, @sgunhouse. Thanks.

  • @sgunhouse I'm actually using the stand-alone Opera Mail client that was broken out from 12 after the big changes to the Chromium engine. I'm sorry that development stopped on it as well. I find vale in stand-alone mail clients like this and prefer them. I left Usenet (newsgroups) many years ago after the pull out of ISP systems offering them. Times change.

    Oddly there are companies offering stand-alone mail clients but most of them are geared toward the cellular market and their presentation on a laptop is just not my cup of tea. I find Opera Mail's traditional presentation very desirable.

  • @dmk You don't see the unread number to the right of each folder in the mail panel?

  • @burnout426 No. Attached a screen shot of a sample mail box. This Opera Mail as downloaded from here some time back. This is the stand alone mail client running on Win10-Pro. as you can see there are no digits displaying to show what is in each folder. The only indication I get regarding new mail is that the folder goes BOLD and I know enough to click on it.


  • Which actual version of Opera Mail? There were 2 updates to make it compatible with more modern security - but probably has no effect on this issue.

    Only thing I can think of - it might hide the numbers if the panel isn't wide enough. See if dragging the panel slightly wider causes them to show.

  • @dmk In the screenshot, it doesn't look like any of the folders have any unread messages (none of the folder names are in bold), which would be why there are no numbers to the right of them and why there's no total unread count to the right of "DMK_TROSE".

    Click on the slanted wrench icon near the top right of Opera Mail and make sure "mark as read" is set to "manually" though. Otherwise, previewing a message will automatically mark it as read.