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  • Is opera a safe Web browser?

  • @luxora Yes

  • @luxora
    There is no such thing as 'safe browser', thereby NO 🙂

  • In other words, "safe" by itself can't be used to abstractly describe any browser (or other software, for that matter)... that is, "safe" in what way and against what threats/concerns and under what conditions? So much depends on what one includes under "safe" as well as how a browser is used on the web and what settings or accessories are applied to it. To better answer your concern, you need to first post what areas of 'safety' you are concerned about and how stringently you personally apply "safe hex" usage to both your computer and browser usage. Any given car, hammer, gun or web browser are all "safe" just passively sitting there... but how they're designed and used may result in "unsafe" situations for each.

  • I don't know, the proverbial "Hello world" app could probably be safe. But any app that does something useful in response to outside input has a risk.

    The safest web browser would be one that didn't save any personal information, including cookies and passwords - but I can't imagine many people would use such a browser. Of browsers that people would use, Opera is relatively safe.

  • @luxora
    Well, that depends on what you mean by safe. If by safe, you
    mean less susceptible to malware, then yes, Opera is almost
    safe. It is also considered one of the privacy-oriented browsers.