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The adblocker is not working topic (Opera for Desktops)

  • I always have the ad blocker on with opera and when I would watch youtube when I would normally get ads before videos all I would have was a white screen where the ad should be and it was fine but for some reason recently when I watch youtube i actually am getting the ads now and there is no white screen or anything. I have checked the ad blocker in settings and I don't think there is anything different with that. If anyone could help me I would appreciate it much.

  • Sooo....

    This has been going on for over 6 months and not one solution, other than using another ad blocker, is found...?

  • I started using Opera (Windows 10, Computer) a few months ago. One of the main reasons I started using it was the built in ad-blocker. However, I've started seeing ads on YouTube videos again. I've looked through the settings and make sure that the ad-blocker setting was on, it is. I also looked at the exception list, which has nothing on it.

  • @limboh u not alone today just happened that my youtube video show add with adblocker on start than i dont see add only on start so i think they should fix it as soon as they can

  • I think everyone is also getting the same issue. Even if there is an adblock activated and assume is there isn't a white list, you should not see an YouTube ad or any google-related advertisements on Opera browser. I think Opera needs to make a major patch, but for now is there something else like a website to close advertisements (such as viewpure or watchkin). you can still watch on Opera, but the chances on getting an ad is not as high as like using the one without an adblock.

  • From 76.0.4017.123 changelog:

    DNA-91951 SkipAds click by default with Adblocker on Youtube

  • @leocg is there a way? what's Adblocker on Youtube?

  • @friendshipfeed A way for what?

  • @chatnoir

    same thing happening in 2021

  • Absolutely love Opera and it's adblocking feature. Just reporting that 1-2 days ago Youtube adblock stopped working for me. (Bet YT has come up with new way of rolling ads to bypass the adblockers 🙂 ).

  • @takemetonarnia4 - Same but i noticed that No ad Blockers are able to block pre-rolls Youtube has changed the way they place ads in the Pre-Roll, and now they are "unblock able" no matter the app i only end up making the skip button disappear and the ads play no matter what

  • 2021-05-13 Still having trouble with the adblocker for youtube and other sites. Tried downloading a adblocker aswell for youtube but not working, opera is interfering with it. And can't find any solution to this problem but i will keep looking for it and if i find it i will try to help you guys out with this problem if you are having it.

  • @kerlyk It happened 1-2 days ago. The icon on top right shows how many ads it blocks during a video but the ad still plays on the video.

  • Also there is no way to contact opera for some reason. They neglect their users.

  • this problem has gotten worse i've delt with the white screen for a minute now but the ads just came back completely today its ruining my experience on Opera because the only reason I got GX was its internal adblocker and it isnt working this is kinda Kekw like fix your browser Opera.

  • Hello everyone... for some reason since last week my opera browser is no more filtrating the commercials on youtube !!

    i went to the settings but everything is activated..

    got any clue for me please out there ?

    All the best to all !

  • @chatnoir IDK if it is International it seems that Opera betrayed us. 😕
    I downloaded Opera cause the ad blocker but now I have to watch ads.

  • Same for me, what makes me wonder (wich is not importand) but that I always get the same two adds every time, that won't get blocked.

  • Hahaha, it's getting worse and Worse ! This is hilarious. Opera devs, you should be ashamed.

  • @osckarmil it seems to be world wide, I'm from Bolivia - South America and yesterday morning at 10 am more or less (GMT-4) pre-rolls ads started playing on my Opera, I thought I got the ad blocker disabled by mistake, but no, it was on, hopefully Opera people will patch this since I loved Opera because of this feature.