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  • The High CPU/RAM/ETC Usage Topic

  • Hi.
    Opera often causes high CPU usage with no obvious reasons by a specific tab, page, URL or so.
    The internal Opera Task Manager (Shift+ESC) shows "GPU-Process" as guilty: 68%, Memory 300MB.
    But also the process "Renderer" pops up sometimes with highest CPU usage.


    My solution, workaround, is to kill each process in Opera task manager when its too high.
    This helps a while. πŸ™‚

    Suspicious is that this often happens when using Facebook heavily with closing and opening new tabs for that.
    I open and close many FB links to load in the background πŸ™‚

    Also i detected the task Windows Power Shell for a very short time when viewing the normal Windows 10 task manager when CPU is high.

    Perhaps this could help to solve this problem and also helps other users.

  • With roughly the same number of tabs open, Opera puts RAM consumption at 3.5GB, over 1GB for Chrome and 0.5GB for Firefox.

    I close as many tabs as I can before closing Opera, but some tabs remain as pages to revisit in a day or two, such as simple product pages with no video.

    Things like an imminent purchase is typical - but: Opera really sticks out like a sore thumb for memory usage. (I once got it on my phone to cut down on mobile data usage, so where's the love for the desktop?)

    I can do the Save Bookmarks To Group on the New Tab, but it will be a chore as I'm an active web user. I would prefer to not have a chore for this browser.

    Is there a way to limit Opera RAM usage, e.g. set non active tabs to reload, and thereby consume zero KB? Otherwise I'll have to stop using it as default, and I've loved Opera since the start. 😒

  • @henrikerlandsson It's causing any issues?

    Is there a way to limit Opera RAM usage

    Opera GX has a RAM limiter

    set non active tabs to reload

    Being a Chromium based browser, Opera already puts inactive tabs into discard.

  • @leocg It's causing the issue of using more RAM than other browsers, true - I'm a senior webdev and that's why I have multiple browsers installed and can compare.

    I'm looking for a way to limit RAM usage by Opera. Currently it sits at 0.18GB per tab with 19 tabs inactive and this tab #20. Which is a little high. Currently for Firefox, this average is 0.11 for 4 tabs and for Chrome, currently 0.08 for 10 tabs. Ideally, open but inactive tabs should take an absolute minimum of RAM and force a reload if updated. Can I set latest Opera to work this way?

    GX is in Beta. It seems to set a maximum usage, true. With this average, this will force inactive tabs to be truly inactive. Do you recommend it over latest Opera?

  • @henrikerlandsson That's not really an issue. If it's not affecting the browser usage and/or other program usage, users shouldn't care about RAM usage.

    Opera doesn't have a setting or feature to limit RAM but you can try to find an extension that helps on it. You can also try messing up with the flags.

    GX is stable. I don't use it on a daily basis, so I can't say much about it. However it's basically Opera with a different UI and a few different features.

  • @leocg High RAM usage for inactive tabs is an issue for any web browser, since you often have to have it open while using other RAM-demanding applications - Desktop doesn't throw out unfocused apps like Mobile does. And desktop is where you do your power browsing, Mobile is a chore. Desktop takes 2 seconds.

    The problem on Desktop is that whenever something needs to be quickly looked up, we have this monolithic browser loading up. It's in the way - and it hogs GBs of RAM. We could keep it open, and it hogs GBs of RAM. This is not the solution. Loading a 100KB web page shouldn't eat 1/2 or 1/4 of working RAM cos we press Ctrl+T to search something.

    I guess I'm looking for GX, some plugin to limit browser RAM usage, or some way of opening a single webpage without opening the browser with all its tabs that I need to keep available for later, and I can't create a tab group bookmark every day of the week.


  • @henrikerlandsson S/tips/what of the 3 options is best for me?

  • S/what/which. Could I also add that a forum needs an edit option to cut down on excessive replies? And that 2021 will be greater than 2020. HNY πŸ™‚

  • @henrikerlandsson You have about 30 minutes to edit your posts after they are created.

  • Re:
    This is a follow-up of the High CPU/RAM/ETC Usage Topic

    I really have issues with Opera misbehaving and not being able to manage resources. And i use much beefier hardware, i use Lenovo Thinkstsion D20 workstation, with the full load of 96 gb in tripple channel mode, 5520/58 chipset with ICH10R system controller, dual Xeon X5690 cpus, in total of 2 cpu's, 6 cores per cpu, 2 treads per core and quadro p2200 in compute/ display for further accelerstion, os of choice is Windows 10 pri for Workstations, with full natice support for this grade of hardware and its fearures, and proper drivers setup. There are times when my ws freezes with opera. It happens with opera only. I use⁢is quite a beefy hardware, lot of cores, fast cires made to take sustained heaby duty loads, and instill feel resources are managed suboptimal. An update with screeshots will follow up later today.
    No such issues with chrome. Chrome is fast, snappy, responsive. Please Opera, reevalutate your code. This is not a core 2 duo laptop i work with. It is professional grade hardware designed and meant to take and manage huge workloads.

  • Zero tabs open, 6 extensions.
    20-odd processes using about ~1GB.

    This laptop only has 4GB total.

    Opera v. 76.0.3989.0


  • @davidgould What Opera's task manager says that is using that much memory?

  • @leocg Opera's reported memory usage in Task Manager is the same as Private Bytes in Process Explorer. This is underreporting Opera's memory usage though excusable because the subject is complicated.

    Opera's Task Manager does show that most of the processes are extensions and rendering threads. It looks like this was changed in Chromium over a year ago. [I'm trying to get to the bottom of why Opera (and Chromium?) uses so much memory, how tabs/pages are swapped out etc].

  • @leocg I am facing the same problem I already use the hard limit but somehow opera still takes up a lot of memory. It's a big problem for me since I have a 4GB ram laptop. I didn't have this issue in the previous versions. I didn't even have to use the ram limiter let alone the hard limit. If this continues Opera GX will render my laptop unusable and I will have to switch to a less ram consuming browser. But I don't want to switch from opera. Please help me

  • @ghostunamused Already checked Opera's built-in task manager to see what is taking up the memory?

  • @leocg
    I just got a laptop from laptop rental. Intsall opera on it and i started my work. After some time, I noticed that my laptop was getting very hot. I just open one tab and opera is using 1.2 gig memory. Is there any solution to reduce the use of Opera memory? If yes, please let me know i am worried about it.

  • @davidnikoli I don't think that the fact that your laptop is hot has to do with the memory usage.
    Anyway, check Opera's task manager to see what is using the memory.

  • @leocg said in The High CPU/RAM/ETC Usage Topic:

    @davidnikoli I don't think that the fact that your laptop is hot has to do with the memory usage.
    Anyway, check Opera's task manager to see what is using the memory.

    And CPU - CPU can make laptops hot, not memory.

  • General agreement with the thread concept. The more recent upgrades of Opera Hog CPU on a regular basis, internet banking is becoming a trial as often the CPU hogging means the transaction times out before the CPU drops to less than 100%
    Doesn't happen in Chrome so unless a reliable working fix comes up soon I'm going to Junk opera as unusable and revert to Chrome.
    I might even give MS Edge a go, it can't be any worse than present Opera versions