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Black/dark background (randomly) - Since Opera 72.*?

  • Hi,

    pages are randomly rendered with a dark/black background, such as:

    2020-10-14 10_21_07-Reminder_ Your Microsoft Azure Virtual Training Day_ Fundamentals event is comin.png

    while the correct rendering would be:

    2020-10-14 10_21_55-Sony HT-Z9F vs Sony HT-G700 Side-by-Side Comparison -

    Reloading the page does not help, also using CTRL+F5 does not solve the issue. The only way to get the correct rendering again is to restart Opera. That happens randomly, on different pages/sites.

    Am I the only one to experience this issue?

    Opera version: 72.0.3815.86

  • It happens in a totally random way, and I checked by:

    • Enabling / disable ad-blocker -> No effect
    • Verifying if there were issues in the browser console --> No errors there
    • Manually modifying the CSS associated to the element using Dev tools --> It triggers the update (see below)

    It seems that, from time to time, the background is partially rendered as black, even though it is supposed to be transparent:

    2020-10-14 11_06_01-Follow your shipment _ DHL Parcel - Opera.png

    If I manually change the CSS via Dev Tools then the page is rendered using the specified color, otherwise reloading the page (with or without CTRL+F5) has no effect at all. It looks like, at times, the transparent color is mapped to black and only changing the CSS triggers an update. Unfortunately I did not find a way to reproduce this issue in a controlled way.

    Note 1: elements displayed using a black backround have no explicit CSS that defines the background color. It's just the browser default for: {

    Note 2: theme is set to "Dark".

  • When it happens, opening a new tab with the same address does not help:

    2020-10-15 12_37_23-Follow your shipment _ DHL Parcel - Opera.png

    Every new tab uses a black background and browsing the site, still use the wrong background color. Again, CTRL+F5 is useless in this case, it looks like it's an internal rendering error. Also in this case, there isn't anything in the CSS that specified a dark background for those elements.

    If Opera is closed and re-opened:


  • Is opera://flags/#enable-force-dark or opera://flags/#form-controls-dark-mode enabled by chance?

  • @leocg said in Black/dark background (randomly) - Since Opera 72.*?:


    Both of those settings are set to "Default (D)", i.e. they are both disabled.
    This behaviour is totally random, but once that a page/site is affected, there is no way out other than restarting Opera.

    I took a video, the background is supposed to be transparent, but unless it's explicitly set to a color, it sticks to black:

    It seems that, at times, the browser default style for background-color: {

    defaults to black automatically.