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Opera won't let me downgrade from 70 to 68

  • Opera 70 is causing my Windows 10 computer to crash at least once a day. Every time I uninstall 70 and install 68, the install process launches an Opera session, and that automatically runs the update to 70 again. I know that in a desktop shortcut, I can add " --disable-update" to prevent it from auto-updating, but I can't find a way to prevent the update that occurs during the install process, so I always end up with 70 again. As I type this, I wonder if the "trick" is to kill my Internet connection before installing 68 again. If that works, I'll post a folllow-up shortly.

  • @deandog said in Opera won't let me downgrade from 70 to 68:

    kill my Internet connection

    It should work, I'm doing the same when I want to install older versions. While Internet is disabled I also rename (or remove) opera_autoupdate.exe

  • OK, it worked. To summarize, I performed the following steps to downgrade from 70 to 68:

    1. Uninstall Opera 70.
    2. Download a previous version of Opera.
    3. Kill internet connection.
    4. Install the previous version.
    5. Close the Opera session that was launched during the install process.
    6. Access the Opera shortcut that was created on the desktop during the installation.
    7. Go to Properties \ Shortcut. In the Target textbox, add " --disable-update" (without the quotes) to the end of the existing Target string.
    8. Launch Opera from the shortcut.
      Check Help \ About. For me, it now shows: Version:68.0.3618.63 ... Update checker is disabled
  • @andrew84 Thanks. I saw your reply as I was finishing mine. Two questions:

    1. Where on your computer did you find opera_autoupdate.exe?

    2. I'm getting a bunch of Notifications telling me to activate McAfee. I suspect I've downloaded a tainted version of Opera. Do you have a link for Version 68.0.3618.63?

  • @deandog 1 ) It's in Opera's installation directory, inside the folder with the build number.

  • @deandog You can find old versions of Opera at