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Extension upgrade requires additional permissions...

  • @trippin42 You don't literally put "path to Opera's launcher.exe", you put:

    "C:\Program Files\Opera\launcher.exe" --show-component-extension-options


    "C:\Users\yourusername\AppData\Local\Programs\Opera\launch.exe" --show-component-extension-options

    (Where you replace "yourusername" with your actual username on Windows.)

    Or, you can try:

    "%ProgramFiles%\Opera\launcher.exe" --show-component-extension-options


    "%LOCALAPPDATA%\Programs\Opera\launcher.exe" --show-component-extension-options

    Again, if you goto the URL opera://about and it says the install path is C:\Users\Bob\AppData\Local\Programs\Opera, then you'd use:

    "C:\Users\Bob\AppData\Local\Programs\Opera\launcher.exe" --show-component-extension-options
  • @burnout426 said in Extension upgrade requires additional permissions...:


    ok i want understand this ... (for dummies like me Lol) working with command prompt is tricky it has to be exact, at least i think it does. so when it says ."path to Opera's launcher.exe " ( i was thinking it usually doesnt have spaces between words like that and the " " were also significant) .ok this is what i put in .EXACTLY "C:\Users\attil\AppData\Local\Programs\Opera\Launcher.exe" --show component-extension-options

    it opened up Opera in a new window (the message is still there

    Cache: C:\Users\attil\AppData\Local\Opera Software\Opera Stable

  • i started thinking maybe the quotation marks arent supposed to be there, I did it again, this time without the quotation marks ( i do Exactly what it says ) and it opened a new Opera window Without that annoying message tada you did it you learned me something quotation marks mean a variable is inside and dont copy them in the command \

  • @trippin42 The command line will not make the message go away but will allow you to see the hidden extensions and check if one of them is triggering the message.

  • Install: C:\Users\attil\AppData\Local\Programs\Opera

    Profile: C:\Users\attil\AppData\Roaming\Opera Software\Opera Stable

    Cache: C:\Users\attil\AppData\Local\Opera Software\Opera Stable

    this is what i see at Opera://about

    So i typed in C:\Users\attil\AppData\Local\Programs\Opera\Launcher.exe --show-component-extension-options and hit enter it opens a Opera window (cause it was closed) but there is NO info in the cmd box

  • @trippin42 There won't be. After open Opera using the command line, go to the extensions manager page and see if one of them is asking for an update.

  • @pkudla This is not fixed i still have this message i need it removed i need the view space make my screen too small I only have 3 extensions until i see all these hidden ones that i cant turn off

  • @trippin42 What extension is requiring the update? Here the warning doesn't show up.

  • @Keepskite Hidden Extensions, Addons ! o_O
    I found you cause i realized the unknown addon "Rich Hints Agent" in the Opera Browser Task-Manager.

    The hidden Opera Addon "Rich Hints Agent" vanished as i disabled the addon Copyfish.
    In the Opera Task Manager (Shift+Esc) the Addon "Rich Hints Agent" seemed to be coupled with the addon
    Copyfish 🐟 Free OCR Software.🐟-free-ocr-soft/eenjdnjldapjajjofmldgmkjaienebbj

    Clue: You have to look clearly at your Opera Task Manager which addons have some "hidden riders"!

    Perhaps now i can explain why there were suspicious URL calls which i watched in the logger of the best Addon "uBlock Origin" (uBO), where I couldnt detect the source of them.
    I blocked them in uBO by these rules:
    ||^ "Data & Advertising Solutions. Successful Retargeting with Yaunel."

    I will watch the Opera Task Manager and uBO logger for further fishy activities.
    I seems uBO can not detect addon activities 😞

  • @cratte Screenshots:
    uBO Details Protocol 2020-11-11_135803.jpg
    uBlockOrigin logger extension Opera Browser Tracking stop 2020-11-12_133034.jpg
    Opera Addon Rich Hints Agent .png

  • @duncanm opera is a com-mun-ist chi-na ran company, and this is one of the many tools they use to track you