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Extension upgrade requires additional permissions...

  • So can anyone comment on exactly what "Rich Hints Agent" is, and why it suddenly needed additional permissions? And why is the ability to act on this "Extension upgrade requires additional permissions..." user prompt see the offending extension bizarrely hidden from user interaction to address it? Or why you can't disable the extension, or deselect "Allow access to search page results"?

    As was mentioned by another user, searching for information on "Rich Hints Agent" comes up with nothing. Not exactly comfortable to learn that there are several hidden extensions operating in the background, with no transparency on their purpose, or what data they are sharing without my explicit consent.

    Hopefully a Dev will see this thread and provide some clarity.

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  • @NickyT I am using Mac 71.0.3770.284, and I'm getting it (I came to this forum because there is no recent activity on the Mac forum).

    I have only two extensions: Amazon Assistant (disabled) and Ad Blocker -- which, I note, says is zero size -- and when I disable it, the message is gone.

  • I'm no developer so I'm not entirely sure what this "Rich Hints Agent" extension is exactly, but I did find the extension's files here:
    C:\Users<USER>\AppData\Roaming\Opera Software\Opera Stable\Extensions<randomcode>

    It looks like it has 5 main files:


    plus a manifest file:

    The code looks like a big jumble of functions and isn't really sorted (and not commented at all). it seems to be referring back to other things in possibly the core Opera code.

    I moved these files out of the install folder, and when I opened up Opera again, I got a message saying that the extension is corrupted, and to go to the Extensions to repair it. The "Rich Hints Agent" is now shown as disabled with an "update" button to I guess install the new version, but other than the nag message, the regular tabs seem to load/work as expected.

    The Aliexpress extension's permissions say that it only gets permissions to read data on the website, so that seems okay to me.

    Who knows about the others...

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  • @merijn2 Leave a space between the .exe and the command (.exe --show)

  • @AltairAssassins Go to the shortcut properties, in the target field go to the end of the file name. At the end of the .exe add a space and then the rest of the command as seen above. (.exe --show) then close and restart Opera, go to extensions and find it there. You will also see a ton of others that you didn't know where there.

  • @Keepskite you have to have a space between the .exe and the rest of the command (.exe --show)

  • @rafiki Just run the same --show-component-extension-options command line in Vivaldi's and you will see that it has hidden extensions too.

  • @leocg

    In order to stop receiving email notifications for this thread only, I clicked 'stop watching' and ignoring' at the bottom of the thread page but I am still receiving email notifications.

    Is there a glitch?

  • @sporty78 For this topic?

  • @leocg

    Yes, in order to stop receiving email notifications for this thread, I clicked 'stop watching' (still received emails) and then selected 'ignoring' (but still received emails).

    Is there a glitch?

  • @sporty78 Maybe your replies to the topic are making the default option to be turned on again.

    Are you getting notifications for any replies or just for those send to your posts?

  • @leocg

    All replies.

  • @sporty78 So it's probably the first alternative.

  • @leocg

    Before I sign out completely and back in, should I select 'not watching' or 'ignoring?'

  • Hidden extensions, that collect data from the websites you visit and that you can't disable, and you did not give permissions to install in the first place ???

    Seriously, is this how it ends for Opera?

    This is what I have after running opera with that option --....

    Rich Hints Agent
    Aliexpress observer
    Amazon promotion
    Background worker
    Chromium PDF Viewer
    Google Hangouts
    News feed handler
    Onboarding popup
    Opera Crypto Wallet
    Rate Opera
    Video handler


  • @duncanm Hi, as several other people have mentioned, the "C:\Program Files\Opera\launcher.exe -show-component-extension-options" doesn't allow us to work it. It keeps saying "The name... specified in the Target box is not valid. Make sure the path and file name are correct"
    and then when you load the entire thing into the "run" box it only opens Opera and nothing happens.
    so, is this different for others?

  • @sporty78 It depends on you, choose the one that will do what you need.

  • @xtorbax same. Some clarification would be welcome, especially since the "Source" tab of Rich Hints Agent says "Added by a third-party".