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  • @hagfird dude the same is the problem with me i have clicked on it it just says optimal loction

  • @mohid Alright, I'm seeing the problem. You are using the Opera's VPN while @saturnxing and I are using the VPN of Opera GX. I imagine that in Opera browser there's no way to change the region of the VPN, while in Opera GX; yes. Sorry, but I gave a quick solution that it seems to work only in Opera GX. This confusion has happened because I answered to this topic in the Opera GX forum but the moderator moved it to Opera browser forum; so I'm not suppose to be here, haha. However, I hope there's another way to resolve this.

  • @hagfird said in VPN Is Not Working Topic:

    You are using the Opera's VPN while @saturnxing and I are using the VPN of Opera GX

    What are exactly the same.

  • @mohid said in VPN Is Not Working Topic:

    optimal loction

    I've just noticed that on a first click it only appeared "Optimal Location". When I tried again, I could choose between Asia / America / Europe.

  • I enabled the built-in VPN of opera, but after waiting a little (VPN is temporarily unavailable. Opera is resolving the problem) message was displayed. And the VPN doesn't connect at all. What should i do? I'm using the latest version of opera.

  • @robert951 I'm having the same problem and have for a while. 🙁

  • Hi!

    Built-in VPN Opera, as well as other available VPN-extensions (Browse, ZenMate and Fast Proxy) do not bypass the locks.

    I can't go through the Opera to,, for example! what to do?

    I had to work on FireFox for this purpose.

  • @sergeidemidov There are always for a site to know that you are using a VPN and block the connection.

  • So as the title says whenever I try to use the VPN it says "VPN is temporarily unavailable. Opera is resolving the problem." and just tries to connect over and over.

    This has been going on for nearly a week, any suggestions? Already tried turning VPN off/on, resetting laptop, deleting all cookies/.settings and uninstalling and reinstalling opera.

  • For me even option not appearing now..

  • Hello. My VPN hasn't been working for 12 hours. Please tell me is this a problem for everyone or just me? Many thaks

  • The built-in (native) in the Opera VPN has not been working for 3 days. When turned on, it says that "vpn is temporarily unavailable. Opera is working on it." Is this a problem with the vpn or something happened on my computer? No additions to the opera were made during this time. I also did not change anything in the settings.

    Windows 10 x64
    Opera 72.0.3815.320

  • @maksvl said in VPN Is Not Working Topic:

    vpn is temporarily unavailable. Opera is working on it."

    Please check your browser version if it is the latest version and perform the update if necessary and then try to connect VPN.
    You can also try by disabling all available extensions.
    Sometimes clearing your caches and cookies can often fix a lot of browser issues.

  • My VPN isn't working. I only have the choice of 'Optimal location' and that's it. Besides, I'm still conecting ... and I don't know what to do. HELP

  • When you try to turn on the VPN, an inscription appears:
    VPN is temporarily unavailable. Opera is working on fixing this issue.

    Version —72.0.3815.320
    Version —72.0.3815.378

    Windows 10 x64

    The Opera was installed 2 times. Did not help.

    What to do?

    Can I restore the old version where the VPN worked?
    I tried it but it is updated to the latest version.


  • Hello all,

    As the name suggests the Opera VPN isn't working. I did the whole "Completely reset Opera thing". What's weird is that on my home network:
    Opera Desktop, Opera GX VPN, Opera Mini Beta don't connect when they're on the WiFi

    But when I set to mobile, and then tether the PC via mobile all of these will happily connect to Opera VPN

    So it's clearly my ISP, they aren't blocking other VPNs like Goose, Ghost, or Proton so what do I tell them? Are there some URLs or IPs I can tell them to unblock?

  • Running up to date win 10 and PC , Opera is running the most recent update .400 and within the past 2 days maybe three , when using the VPN it is soooo slow... like 15-20 seconds to load a page and sometimes not even completly. I've been using opera vpn for years and have already uninstalled and reinstalled trying to fix this and have changed privacy settings to no avail.

    I know vpn can be slow but my experience using opera vpn is that its almost as fast as not using it. So this change in speed is pretty big...

    Is anyone else noticing a larger than normal lag with vpn or is it just me ?

  • Same problem for a couple of weeks now. Writes it is impossible to connect. In choosing a location, only the optimal location. Everything worked fine up to this point.
    Version 72.0.3815.400. Help!

  • VPN on Opera GX and Opera (default) still not working. Many years. I'm from Kazakhstan.

    Many (mb all) users from Kazakhstan have reported this issue:

    Is this problem still not resolved? Can I get an official response from those support Opera?

  • There are places that prohibit VPNs, such as China and Egypt. Not knowing if Kazakhstan is similar, I really can't say. If a VPN is prohibited in your area, Opera will not show the option in Settings to enable the VPN. When the option is enabled then Opera will show a little square in the address bar which you then need to click when you want to use it.