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[Solved]How can I edit which websites show up in News on Start page ?

  • I don't mean which topics, I know how to switch topics. I'm talking specific sites. For instance I have news, games, tech, and a couple other topics selected to show in the speed dial. But the problem is, for some ungodly reason, The Daily Caller keeps showing up on the speed dial. This site and everything/everyone associated with them are intolerable and untrustworthy. I would appreciate any help in getting that nonsense off the speed dial. I'm giving Opera a try over Firefox for the moment, but with Firefox I never had an issue blocking things I didn't want to see. Doubt I stick around if I can't have complete control over the things I see and read.

  • You mean in the News section? Only options there are to turn it off or leave it on. On the Personal News tab you can choose your own sites, but in speed dial it is just promoted sites.

  • @sgunhouse So Opera is okay with taking ad revenue from a "news" organization that features white supremacist writers?

  • @mmunster As far as I know, Opera doesn't get any revenue from news sources.

  • @leocg It is showing up at the bottom when opening a new tab. If it is not a promoted site, how do you get rid of it? Also why does Truth About Cancer, an anti-vaccine page, keep coming up when trying to enter a web address; even though, the history has been cleared?Screen Shot 2021-03-16 at 12.02.24 PM.png

  • @mmunster Just disable news on start page in setting if you don't like it.

    Also check if Yandex News is available for you, it allows blocking sources.

  • @leocg Why is it showing The Truth About Cancer in the web address bar when typing? I clear the history, yet, it still shows. Are you guys trying to push it?

  • @mmunster Bookmark or search suggestion, can't say without a screenshot.

  • @leocg Screen Shot 2021-03-28 at 10.41.32 AM.png

  • @mmunster The address says it was a photo you looked at on Facebook and possibly bookmarked.

  • @sgunhouse I didn't bookmark it. I have cleared my history, and it still comes up.

  • i have used opera for years without bothering to set up an account.... I just enjoyed the product and never needed to interact. But i created a profile now because i am close to deleting the program for the simple reason that it forces the "daily caller" into my feed. i don't ever want to see the garbage that qualifies as news, as writing, as opinion on that deplorable site again. I have no idea why opera would chose to promote this garbage site

    (actually...i have a good guess that it is some misguided attempt to demonstrate "balance" to idiots that think that most of the world is actively lying to them... but adding absolute garbage like the "the daily caller" cannot by its nature add balance to just piles on crap. Crap is not balance.)

    I have been forced to disable all news from my start page to keep this one website off my start page. Do I really need to disable all news to to keep the feces from one purposely toxic website off of my page? it makes no sense