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  • Will there be any plans to have multi user profile which are currently being offered by Chrome/firefox/vivaldi etc. I believe it is one of the crucial feature to have and will greatly improve the user adoption and productivity to people who are looking for a better alternative than chrome.

  • hopfully this feature come soon, because i need this feature for my daily work with Azure and I think a lot of people use this! I love Opera, but I have to use edge more and more in case of missing this feature and the way to switch complete is not so far at this time...

  • Hi @streehawk, @StromkastenDC, you can make several shortcuts on your desktop, that will include the switch "--user-data-dir" and different paths to profiles as follows: "\Path\to\launcher.exe" --user-data-dir=profile1, "\Path\to\launcher.exe" --user-data-dir=profile2, and so on...

  • Hi @l33t4opera ,
    I am actually using linuxmint 19.3 LTS as my daily driver and for work. I think there are few ways to do the same trick for having different work profiles in linux too. But, IMO, all these methods are more or less a way to get around the actual problem, 🙂 . I really like to use opera as my daily driver one day as it s pretty fast and I found it is less resource hunger compared to Chrome. Given the fact that Opera always has been getting some niche flagship features ahead of others in the past , its not clear why they do not want to have this profile switcher option which is now so common across all browsers in 2020.

  • @streehawk You can add a feature request in this section of forums, or simply ask one of moderators to move your thread there.

  • @l33t4opera thanks for the advice. I will do so.

  • Hello @sgunhouse / @leocg

    I wish to raise a feature request on implementing multi user profile options in opera. I use linuxmint 19.3 LTS as my daily driver and for work. I have been using opera for general browsing purposes while heavily relying on Chrome for work related things. I really like to use opera as my main go to browser for everything (general or work related) as its pretty fast and less resource hungry overall.
    At present the only thing that is a show stopper for me is the missing multi-user profile options which IMO is the most nifty feature for productivity and is being offered by all well-known browsers in 2020. There are many others like me who would really like to adopt opera for general and work related things (having one browser for all) who are turning away because of this missing option.

    I hence request you to kindly consider this thread as an RFE and assist to move in the "feature request" section.

  • Strange - it is in the feature requests section.

  • Hi @sgunhouse, it was most probably moved by Leo without OP request. Previously it was in "Future releases", that's why I suggested the above ;-)

  • I'm sure it was at some point. The previous poster used my name while I was online so I was notified immediately, but it had already been moved. Either Leo was extremely quick, or it had already been moved before that post. Just seemed likely the thread had been moved before his post without him noticing ... (Wouldn't be the first time such things have happened.)

  • @sgunhouse Yep, it seems as it was a quick move, since when I read it, it was in the other section. Anyway you can ask Leo about it, and also you can ask the OP which section was selected ;-)

  • Yep, I moved the topic.

  • @l33t4opera , is this feature in your roadmap? For me personally it is absolutely necessary for the daily work and i already had to switch to another browser. I think I'm not alone in this and I don't really want to have to leave opera...

  • Will this essential feature make into any future releases?

  • it does not look like it, sadly oky bye bye I have to change