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[Solved]32bit Opera Vs 64bit Version.. Any Benefits?

  • Is there any noticeable benefits of using an Opera 64bit platform verses a 32bit platform? Particularly speed or any other improvement. thanks for any info on this.

  • Normally the installer will pick the 64-bit version if your system supports it, so unless you specifically chose the 32-bit version you should have the 64-bit version already.

  • Paraphrasing pxtechhelp answering a question about whether to build a 64-bit binary or a 32-bit one:

    It depends on what you're trying to do. If you have a program that will never reach the limits of 32-bit CPU's then you won't necessarily see any benefits of building for a 64-bit CPU, and depending on the CPU and OS, you might actually see a degradation in performance (as was the case in the early days of 32-bit emulation on 64-bit CPU's), but with modern cores and OS's, this is largely a non-issue for the "average" program (save the fact that you can't access more than 4GB of RAM).

    However, if you have a project that would consume massive amounts of memory (like a web-browser), or need to do calculations for very large sets of numbers (like 3D calculations), then you will most certainly see a benefit in the fact that you can address more than 4GB of RAM or larger resolution numbers for your 64-bit build.

    Regarding Opera on itself, while it's not built requiring certain instruction sets (e.g. SSE4, AVX2, etc.) there are parts of the browser that make use of those instructions if your processor supports them. Except for SSE2, the 64-bit variant has more portions with newer instructions, making it faster broadly speaking (newer instructions can make several things at once).

    So... the 64-bit build should perform better, even if the memory consumption were higher (didn't check, it could be negligible). As for the 4GB limit, I doubt you'd hit it even in 32-bits because Opera uses several processes when running and each could address 4GB.


  • On 64-bit Windows, 32-bit applications run through an emulation layer. See (ignore the parts about Itanium) for some minor penalties and downsides of that. Long story short though, use the 64-bit version of Opera so you're running it straight-up.

  • Thank You all for the helpful information, Much Appreciated! 👍🏼

  • So...if I alredy have the 32 bit installed on a Windows 7 system, and download/install the 64 bit version, where will it install folderwise, and what bookmarks/speed dial will it use, will it use the current ones from the 32 bit version??

  • @bbildman The profile directory will be the same. The installation one may be different.

  • @leocg Hi Leo. So if I install the 64 bit one just to try it out, and then want to uninstall it, will it also delete my profile directory??

  • @bbildman Only if you choose to do it during uninstall.

  • @bbildman You can install it as a portable/stand-alone app if you don't want to use the current profile.

  • @leocg said in [Solved]32bit Opera Vs 64bit Version.. Any Benefits?:

    @bbildman Only if you choose to do it during uninstall.

    I managed to delete/uninstall the 64 bit one, but there was nothing during the uninstall that asked me if I wanted to delete the data/profile. I managed to figure out which of the Opera installs was the 64 bit one though and delete that one, the profile folder was left unharmed.


  • @bbildman Strange, here it shows that option in the first screen when I choose to uninstall.