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Where is the "Recently closed tabs/Tab menu" button on the top right?

  • @paulbizsunny I am not sure how I can help. On the topic, there are some options about figuring out a workaround, such as stopping updates or others, but, unfortunately, I am of not much use otherwise. Sorry.

  • @paulbizsunny What Opera has to do with it? Since your problem has nothing to with what is being discussed in this topic, please open a new one.

  • @leocg OK, I understand but come to think of my own personally issue I mean I'm not posting anymore and each of the time I want to put a post the app will not allow me to do so what is the issue thanks

  • @paulbizsunny unfortunately, it seems that, given the circumstances, none of us can really offer you any help here. We are unaware of any details and this is probably not quite the right place for seeking support with your issue. Perhaps you should make a new topic and add details there.

  • @ericartman92 The fact that they added 'recently closed' tabs on the new 'Serach in tabs' popup and added 'Show more' button (in 71 ver.) to view more than 3 recent tabs means that they're notified about the bunch of negative feedback on forum/in the blog.
    I hope they have plans to restore the functionality of previous TabMenu, but even if they really have such plans, the restoring process is going quite slowly, as it seems (I think it's need more 2 or 3 Stable releases until the full functional restoring).
    *Negative moment here is that they removed the flag already, and there's no way to return the TabMenu (during the time they improving the new popoup)

  • @andrew84 thanks you for the info. I am not sure how I'm going to follow the progress as it moves forward because I stopped opera updating. I might try it on my work machine, but I'm not sure that I'd be missing out on a ton of features if I simply stick to the pre-70 version.

    I'd be really happy if the button to "see more" would be something that the app remembers as a preference or something close to that. In that case we would get what we want, albeit in a reduced functionality state, but that would be something.

  • @ericartman92 said in Where is the "Recently closed tabs/Tab menu" button on the top right?:

    see more" would be something that the app remembers

    Unfortunatelly, the button doesn't remember its state (you need to click it every time after the popoup was closed). I stated (suggested) many times already that the lists should be collapsable/expandable like it worked previously. Someone doesn't need 'open tabs' always visible, someone doesn't need 'recently closed', expandable lists will please both.

  • @andrew84 good idea to keep two settings separate. Now, if only someone would listen....

  • @andrew84 Can you post a screenshot of what it looks like? I've already disabled Opera update and don't plan to do so until this is fixed.

  • @nsx 2020-08-04_221306.png

  • @andrew84 Thanks, seems like a step back towards the right direction.

  • Developers do as they please. Sometime it's worth listening to users, sometimes it's not. Users don't tend to know what they want until they see it - they're better at telling you what they don't want. And of course some users want things that few others do.

    Personally, I would really like the 're-open closed tabs' function back. I don't use the sidebar - I have multiple screens, so it's not a case of butting up against the side of the screen, but hovering in the middle of nowhere, plus I have no interest in Instagram, Twitter, Messenger or any of the rest of the things that populate the sidebar. And I definitely don't want to permanently give up a strip of my screen for those things. But I know Instagram, etc are popular, so maybe people like the sidebar. I don't know and have no way of knowing.

    I don't like searching in tabs by typing. I find that awkward - I navigate to an icon with the mouse, then take my hand off the mouse to type, then put my hand back on the mouse. Yeuch.

    The icon for closed tabs went missing a couple of versions back and we've been able to work around it for a while with flags, but since version 70 (I think) the flag's gone and we can't use it at all. Given that this change has gone through the dev version and the beta version, it's unlikely it's coming back. Sigh. It was one of my favourite features of Opera and will greatly impact the utility of using it for me. It's enough of a personal favourite that I'd ditch Opera in a heartbeat to go to another browser that has it. And I've been using Opera since the mid-90s and have even paid for it in the past. But things are not designed for me personally, so if the devs want it gone, then it's gone.

    What I don't appreciate is having a moderator who doesn't know the devs or have any contact with them, come in to post their own conjecture and speculation about what is going on - that isn't helpful. Leocg - you're a moderator and seen as the face of Opera. We have no means of contacting themselves or getting them to tell us anything. You're the guy who stands before us. If you have you own opinions on this, either post them as an ordinary user or keep them to yourself. Coming from your moderator account, they sound like official responses from Opera. I know you've just some volunteer who knows nothing more than any of us, but realise that the people coming here don't know that. You're not abusive, but goodness I find you rude - and I suspect you don't even realise it.

  • A new release of Opera today, but sadly it still has this search in tabs nonsense.
    So, for the past few days, I've been using Vivaldi. Bit of effort in setting it up but, after that, great, just as Opera used to be.
    Like other older users, I go back to the paid for version of Opera, so this obstinate stance in imposing a "feature" which is only of use to a minority at the expense of a button most find useful is, to say the least, baffling.
    Enjoy your obscure footnote in interweb history.

  • Well, it's obvious, they want us to use the (f-ing) sidebar. The more we use it the more money in their pocket... Vivaldi isn't a bad idea... Get the memo, first time we could get the button back, now the flag is disappeared.

  • Why this is necessary, I like hundreds of others, registered only to say that this is the dumbest update in the 15 years that I use Opera. I'm used to this button, so give me a chance to get it back.

  • Sidebar with hide switch is very right move in my opinion!

  • @sokonik1975 Yeah, sidebar with all the messenger shortcuts, yeah!

  • I was using this thing for years, reinstalled windows and now it is missing. Helpful "flag" option is missing too. I don't know why i would ever use the "search tab" option, this is a major step back indeed...

  • Until recently it was possible to open recently closed windows via the tab menu button. This does not seem to be available any more. I have the history button on the sidebar and when I click on it I can see all recently closed tabs but not recently closed windows.

    Therefore my question is how I can open recently closed windows?

  • @hjstern I didn't know that this functionality was in the TabMenu. It seems that the old menu is 3x times more useful than the new one (maybe developers are shocked now a bit when they realize the whole functionality of TabMenu ).