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Where is the "Recently closed tabs/Tab menu" button on the top right?

  • @basemodeldaytona I also find it strange but some people here say that they have hundreds of tabs opened at the same time.

  • @andrew84 I don't know if tabs menu has gone due to low popularity but, in my opinion, it's something that shouldn't be there since the beginning. I don't even remember why it was introduced. Probably to try improving tabs management.

  • @leocg said in Where is the "Recently closed tabs/Tab menu" button on the top right?:

    try improving tabs management

    Obvious conclusion.
    And not just a try, it really improved the tabs management, and 'Search in tabs' worsened it.

  • I made an account only to repeat what everyone has said. Please bring the Recently Closed Tabs button back. At least you could allow the option to switch between the current Search in Tabs button and the Recently Closed Tabs button, or maybe have both buttons on there.

    I've been using the current iteration of this browser for like 5 years now, and I loved having easy access to my recently closed tabs. It's almost an essential feature for me, especially when sometimes I have to close 10+ tabs, and might accidentally close one that I wanted to stay open.

    Yes I know I can still use the Menu>History thing, but like, that 2 more clicks, and far more clunky to use. Come on. Yall replaced this perfectly good and very useful feature with this useless, redundant feature. Ctrl+TAB is already a thing that people can use. We don't need to have the button on there, too.

  • This is just a personal theory and Iā€™m sorry for my english text.

    I know that this kind of functionality exists: Imagine if the developers had access to our usage patterns. The areas (UI) of our web browser where we click on the most. Then it's easy for them to determine what functionality we use, how often, etc.

    So, considering the total number of Opera users, on this subject we are frequent users of this feature and maybe we represent a minority regarding this usage. So, it is not hard to believe that these same developers have chosen to remove/hide this feature in favor of another one because we do not represent, we do not reach, their goal in terms of percentage of usage.

    Do not forget that in a capitalist world, new functionalities are the most important thing, so keeping old features is not beneficial: for the Opera employee and for the potential new user of this software.

  • @raphael-mioche there's such option in Settings, but I always keep it off.
    I'm pretty sure they didn't expect that there will be so many complaints.
    There were some words from Opera team regarding InstantSearch feature telling us that the feature was unpopular, but no words regarding the popularity of TabMenu.

  • Opera is free so I don't deserve anything. But I subscribe to this feature request. Maybe a dev. will read our message: Please add more than 3 tabs to the list of closed tabs. At least 10. Thanks

  • For the moment, I installed Opera dev , witch has an option opera://flags/#search-in-closed-tabs-show-more . it is a button press, but it works well. How ever, I don't want a button because I don't want to click twice.

  • @leocg I'm honestly baffled at the way you've been responding to everyone in this thread. Not only are you coming across quite condescending, you're also making statements/arguments that are logically incoherent. You believe nobody needs more than 3 recently closed tabs? Ummmm, ~300 comments here complaining about this would seem to prove you categorically wrong. Who are you to tell people what they do/don't need??

    You're also arguing that this useless new feature they've replaced the tab menu with is actually better - but you haven't given a single reason why it's better, or even when it will ever be used by any normal person who doesn't keep hundreds of tabs open at all times. Personally I can't have more than 25-30 tabs open simultaneously or Opera starts freezing & becoming unresponsive - even after upgrading to brand new laptop with 8 core CPU, so it's not my hardware. I have to prune my open tabs, and I used the feature constantly, every single day - but you're decreeing that I don't actually need more than 3 because you said so?!? GTFOH.

    Then I see you arguing that the tab menu never should have been introduced in the first place, and doesn't belong in Opera. Wut? Like, everyone's entitled to their opinion, but you're commenting on a massive thread inundated with p***sed off users angry their favourite feature has been removed irretrievably, essentially telling a plethora of users that they're all wrong and have no reason to complain, and that this Useless new feature is better, despite not being able to provide a single reason why it's better, other than the rare user with hundreds of tabs always open who can't remember what tabs they have open where. Aside from the fact that this is beyond question a tiny minority of users, the simple fact is that if you have to open a search dialogue box and type in a search term/phrase to find what you're looking for, you've pretty much defeated the purpose of having the tab open to begin with. If you have to type in a search, you may as well just open a new tab and type in what you're looking for.

    It's honestly hard to find words adequate to describe how utterly and bafflingly stupid this change is. Opera has been my default browser ever since I began using a PC on a daily basis, and I'm now thinking it's time to start test-driving alternatives. You can have your opinion (as boneheaded and absurd as it may be) but why are you seemingly incapable of even acknowledging that other people have legitimate grounds to complain about this moronic change? Even if you have a different (preposterous) opinion, the constant denial that anyone else's opinion is valid is just adding fuel to the fire. Even if you don't work for Opera, being a moderator one would think you should be aiming to prevent people getting heated, not actively inciting it. WTF man?

  • I am very disappointed by how the moderation of this thread is done. Regardless of what opinion each of us has, I don't think it warrants such a condescending approach from our moderator. A bit disappointed in how this all business turned out to be.

  • @vikont-0 said in Where is the "Recently closed tabs/Tab menu" button on the top right?:

    If you click on the clock symbol on the sidebar (on the left hand side), it will open a history tab, with Recently Closed tabs on top. Clicking on any of them restores a tab. It's the same functionality as before, just a different location...


    Nope, it doesn't, it just shows the history (which is not the same as closed tabs).

    And the functionality to access tabs of different devices is also completely missing now. šŸ˜ž

    Why the regression?!

  • @shani-ace-0 said in Where is the "Recently closed tabs/Tab menu" button on the top right?:

    it just shows the history

    you should enable it in the sidebar setup, 'open in panel' option

  • @ericartman92 What moderation?

  • @leocg I didn't think it was wise of you to say that the feature that this whole thread is all about should not have been there in the first place (paraphrasing). I know that it is probably your opinion, and you have a right to express it. At the same time, I think it isn't pleasing anyone who relied on the feature on a daily basis to hear that it wasn't used, and that it wasn't needed. Seeing as you're a moderator, I'd expect that you'd set an example. There's a time and place for every opinion, and even though yours is valid for you, it felt like rubbing into everyone's faces in this specific thread.

  • @ericartman92 And what it has to do with moderation? As you said, it's just opinion and has nothing to do with (forum) moderation.

  • @leocg I am of a different opinion. Perhaps I am wrong, but I would expect that in a forum thread for a very specific topic, moderation would mean that people who come along and "simply express their opinion", an opinion that has nothing constructive to address, or explain or help the problem in any way, and is diametrically opposed to the topic .. I would expect those posts to flagged or moved so that people that are in fact very much missing a functionality are not, for the lack of a better word, insulted by these opinions. We can consider it "moderation" in what one thinks is appropriate to say in a given context and deciding that his or her opinion would do no good either to the people's emotions, or to the topic at hand.

  • @leocg Im with ericartman here. You're a moderator, so every word you say will feel like it comes from Opera's moderation team, not from your personal opinion. And tbh, I didn't come here asking for your personal opinion, and Im sure whoever runs this forum didn't appoint you as a moderator just so you can argue your personal opinions against people who are asking genuine questions and expressing sincere disappointment at the latest update to the browser.

    Anyway, do the devs get notified about people's complaints on the forum? Is there any chance they'll hear us out? Or are we just wasting our time arguing with a moderator when we post here? Is there a more direct method for us to send our concerns?

  • Let's just all calm down a bit. We're all happy and unhappy about many things, but I'm sure we'll manage to stick to civilised behaviour.

    On the communication channel topic - I'm afraid there is no direct line. I might be unaware of one though. There's also the general feedback, naturally, it's plagued by all the things that any feedback form is suffering from. Not stating that opera doesn't read them though. It's the lack of a response or a relatively quick one is what usually stops people from using it in the first place.

  • @ericartman92 As far as I know, no one is being insulted here. If you think someone's post insults you, just report it and the post will be analyzed.

  • @leocg I was not implying that anyone was being insulted here. I was merely trying to make sure this conversation doesn't escalate into something really unpleasant.

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