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    Asus Me173X

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    A description of the problem, including as much as information as possible:
    Locked out from Authentication on Opera mobile Browser on Android 4.2
    because of Recaptcha not working here (I am actually writing this from the Pc)
    (read more below)

    Steps to (try to) reproduce the issue:
    on Android 4.2, try to authenticate on Opera Account, Opera Support or Opera Forums from Opera Mobile (latest version supported here)

    Expected behavior and actual one:

    [Note that, I am writing this from my laptop, because it's impossible to authenticate
    to Opera Forums from Android 4.2.]

    When Opera asks me to reauthenticate on my mobile (antiquate) android 4.2 device,
    I'm in the pain, as All Opera sites uses the Recaptcha method for authentication,
    but it is not supported on older Android devices,
    and sometimes it won't even show, sometimes is inactive
    and could not be bypassed (see screenshots).

    Also seeing the big bunch of problems associated with Recaptcha on Opera forums,
    I think Opera should try to find another method to authenticate the human users.

    But in the meantime, you should consider that you are kicking off away
    all the users that are having an older device which cannot be updated
    to more recent Android versions.

    I ask to disable Recaptcha authentication requirements from all devices where it is not currently working.

    Also please note that Recaptcha is actually property of Google and that
    you are delegating an important thing as human authentication
    to a concurrent rigid organization that is not easing in any way for the users.

    No assistance is possible for Recaptcha on Google and they are handling
    it in a rigid, uncompromising authoritarian way,
    possibly cutting the wheels to competitors.

    Also the alternate phone authentication, with code sent to my phone, won't work because after entering the code, the submit button won't get enabled anyway (I think this is also a bug).

    Not that, I'm having same very problems on authentication also with many other web portals and sites, just because everyone in the world uses Recaptcha for human authentication, but it has ben buy by Google some time ago and then it is no more handled in the interest of the whole community.

    First screenshot is for Opera Authentication:

    That other is from Opera bug submission form:
    Same as above for Opera Forums.

    I seem not able to add more tags here, this is the list i've prepared:
    Recaptcha, Auth, authentication, reauth, human auth, Android, Android 4.2, older devices, mobile, Opera mobile, old devices, Opera account, Opera forums, Opera support, locked out

  • @albertop What is the behavior with other browsers?
    Same issue with Opera for Android 57?

  • @leocg thanks for replying 🙂

    1. which other browsers? Chrome is no more compatible from 2019, the standard browser is buggy and outdated.
    2. the version of Opera i said above in original post, is the latest update available for my system, and I suppose, for my platform version. Update come to me 17 February.
      It seems that there's not an unique current version of Opera for Android, at least by looking at play store from PC, while being logged out from Google, it seems there's not a current version indication, but instead a phrase saying something like: "the current version varies depending on dispositive"...
  • @albertop Other browsers that you have installed in the device.

  • Sorry, @leocg, I have not currently any other usable browser on my old Android 4.2 system. I rely entirely on Opera after 2018 when Chrome left out compatibility. I've also tested other browsers but no way 😉 currently Opera seems the best choice here.

  • @leocg, the problem is on Opera website, not on Opera Browser itself, please direct me elsewhere if I have to move (or delete and recreate) this bug into another section or like. Maybe I've reported in the wrong section, sorry. But it is strictly related to Opera Mobile on Android 4.2 and other old OS versions.

    Opera relies on its websites for error reporting and many other things.

    I think this very problem is affecting all the user in the world that are still tied to an old Android system, and that try to rely on Opera Mobile browser to have an affordable and secure browser, after the Google Chrome abandoned them completely about around 2018.

    Now Google created a new problem at end of 2019 by stopping the universally used Recaptcha Human checker from working on older Android devices.

    This problem is worldwide, not only on my single device.

    Also, the problem is currently on any application and website that uses the Recaptcha Human check.

    Opera should, please, find a way to save their users:

    • or, by finding a way to force Recaptcha to work on older devices (Paypal has almost done this but in the end recently their efforts has been overwhelmed)
    • or, by finding an alternative verification system to be used on older Android
    • or, disabling this check for older Android systems

    It should be clear that, any old Android user trying to use the Opera bug report system to report this bug from his mobile device, will be denied by the failing Recaptcha test itself!

  • @leocg also, it seems that i can no more edit my original post. I wanted to change title to reflect the fact that the problem lies on Opera website.

    I've searched whole forum directories but only other applicable place where to ask for this problem seems to be in: General / Forum.

    This seems not related 100% anyway, as the problem I am talking of, is related not only to forum login, but to bug reporting system also.

    If you, as a moderator, have the authority to move my post (wherever it is expected to be), also, please if possible, change the title to something like that:

    "Opera website uses Recaptcha for Bug reporting and Forum authentication, but, on Android 4.2, it won't work"

    Sorry for being so imprecise.

  • @leocg Ok, I will try to come here with a possible solution for that problem.

    Now it seems that there's a simple alternative around, to Google Recaptcha stuff use from websites.
    This alternative captcha organization uses images back again (as Recaptcha was doing time ago), so there should be probably less compatibility problems, also with older systems.

    It seems monetizing actively their users, too, so Opera organization could benefit a great deal from that (instead of, I want to say, helping Google making it's own money from Recaptcha use, from Opera Error reporting and forums).

    That's an article explaining it:
    (Note that I have no connection whatsoever with the producer, I am simply an Opera user on Android and Windows steady in Italy.)
    I've found that piece working well on the site: and I've sought some info about it.
    Their site is here:

    I am sorry but, at the moment I cannot evaluate it on my tablet with Android 4.2 (because a virus caught it!). But hope to come back soon to test it.

    If you think my suggestion is somewhat interesting and could be elaborated more deeply, that would be great if you could possibly transmit my hint to the specific Opera team, working on the Opera web pages (like Error reporting and this Forum), or link some of these people here.

    Also, another way I can think of, I dunno if at Opera you have a repository for the web projects sources, just to know where to add possibly an issue directly myself.
    If that's the case, and you at Opera may like that kind of collaboration, you could add the link here in a reply, or send it to me privately by mail, and I will provide to add the issue.

    I should repeat that one time more, I have no interest in all this, only being an user occasionally blocked by Google Recaptcha both on Opera webpages and in many other sites, when trying to access any of them from Opera Browser on Android 4.2 old box of mine. I'm a retired old Microsoft C# developer and an IT geek somewhat though :).


  • Hi @albertop,

    We'll take a look and see if there's anything we can do about this issue.
    Thanks for reporting.

  • Many Thanks @amatczak, I'll be waiting for any other news 👍