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  • New opera's function is contexts in left panel. Great additions (grouping tabs was somenthing I missed and made me go to Vivaldi). Context is good for grouping tabs - even better. But why context is limited to 5? I think it is a huge mistake!

  • Please, having at least 10 would be useful.
    Right now I have one for random browsing, one for music, three for specific topics (which is not enough). And I'm still missing at least one for each college class I'm taking.
    Here a guy talks about more examples.

    Plus, if you have a high resolution monitor, the sidebar currently is at least half-empty.

  • Recently switched from Chrome to Opera GX specifically for the Workspaces feature + sidebar chat buttons, but is kind of disappointing to only have 5. Having up to 10 or more would be great (& the ability to customize / maybe upload icons would be nice too, or at least adding more options)

    My Workspaces are currently "General", "New Mouse Research", "Job Hunting", "Topic 1", "Topic 2"

    And I'd currently like to also have "Topic 3", "Project 1", "Project 2" with more room for growth

    If a greater number of Workspaces adds too much resource usage, perhaps add an advanced option for "Allow adding more than 5 Workspaces" with a warning about increased resource usage. And/or the ability to save/load Workspaces to/from a bookmarks folder (perhaps ignoring subfolders). And/or an option to "disable" a workspace to free resources.

  • Opera already allows you to use at least 24 workspaces.

  • @leocg Wow, thank you! how did I miss that?
    So what's the limit now? And is there any hidden setting to change the number? Anyways 24 should be enough for completely anything. Well I see it's limited by the icons actually.

    Currently I was using multiple windows for more workspaces. It is a mess xD
    Also workspace names get shared between windows so it was not a viable solution.
    Thanks for the fix

  • @leocg I just realized my search + post were for the base Opera browser, but I'm currently using Opera GX (which does appear to have the 5 workspace limit) - I'll look up the differences between the two and may switch to the base Opera

  • @leocg I'm currently having an issue where creating a workspace past five will simply replace the last workspace with a new one. I've updated a few minutes ago. Is this a known issue?

  • @bruncky I've just checked ad was able to create more than 5 workspaces without any problems.

  • @leocg I have since restarted the PC because I went to sleep, which possibly solved the issue. Just created workspace 6 without issues!