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  • Hi!
    I was confused to find out that there is no such option as multiple selection in Opera - usually it is implemented even in much simpler and less developed software.
    Well, in fact, there is multiple selection in Bookmarks, but there is no Shift+Click feature (I mean click first one, hold Shift, and then click the last one you need), so one still has to check them one by one, and if you need to delete/move 100 or more bookmarks - it's just pure pain.
    And in History - there is just no such feature at all. Weird!
    Still, you guys are the best! 🙂

  • You'd need to actually click the first one (without activating it) for that. Select by dragging a rectangle is okay, so is Ctrl-A (Select All). Yes, Shift-click to extend a selection would be good too.

  • @sgunhouse
    Wow, thanks! At least there is rectangle selection (would never have guessed! especially in List view)! But it still doesn't allow me to make several selections (like 1-10 & 15-30 & 37-50, etc), which Shift+Click usually does.
    But, again, in History - no selection whatsoever 🙂