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Force Opera to open links in the same tab.

  • Hello, is there a way to force Opera v23 to open all links in the same tab like it was possible in earlier versions? I remember there was an option in advanced settings, something like "opera:config > User Prefs > Ignore Target".

  • Ok, I solved it. I installed Opera extension named "Download Chrome Extension" and then installed Chrome extension named "TheOne - open link in same tab, pop-up as tab". It's not a good solution, but at least it works. I wonder why modern browsers can't do such simple things itself...

  • I have no problem in principle with a browser that relies on extensions to enable less commonly wanted facilities, but there are some things that any browser should be able to do without installing extensions, and that is one of them!

  • Was there a change between Opera 22 and Opera 23. I'm using Opera 22, and the default is that you click on a link and it opens in the same tab? To get it to open in a new tab, I need to middle click on the link with the mouse, or press the control key and right click.

  • So the extension doesn't work on all sites. I've tested it and it works on some new-tab-sites, but there are few sites it doesn't work on. For example If I use "search all forums" and click on a result, it always opens a new tab. It is fckng ANNOYING...

    lem729: No, it's usual behaviour on some sites (not all).

  • @karolina84

    There may be some programming on certain web pages that force how they are opened, regardless as to the extension.

  • Yeah, but this setting in the old Opera 12 worked without problems (as I remember) - opera:config > User Prefs > Ignore Target.

  • Well, I'm confused though. In Opera 22, click on a link, and it opens in the same tab. You have to middle click, or control left click to Open it in a new tab. Has something fundamentally changed in Opera 23 that reverses everything.

    It's not a release yet, so maybe they'll stay with what they have in the end -- the Opera 22 treatment.

  • Now I've tried to install both, v22 and v12 too. If I open this link gapps and click on the second search result named "xda-developers - Threads Tagged with gapps", all three Opera browsers open a new tab. If I set the Ignore target in v12 On, the link opens in the same tab. Or another example, if I log into facebook and click on a post with an article from another site, it opens a new tab. But if I set Ignore target in v12, the same article opens in the same tab and I can simply press the backward button on my mouse after I finish reading to go back to facebook.

  • You're right, Karolina84. Just clicking on that tab does open it in my Opera 22 in a new tab, but the web site must be forcing that. Normally, I need to middle click, or go control left click to get that behavior.

    I see what you want. While the default for Opera 22 (and now I'm assuming Opera Next, vers. 23 the same default) is to open all links in the same tab, you would like to force it to do that in ALL cases, even where the website tries to force it the other way. Now whatever Opera Presto (versions 12 and lower) could do, the new Opera has a different browser engine (Blink), and has had to be reprogrammed from scratch. I have no idea how easy it would be to force the behavior you want in all cases, and if it's a feature Opera ultimately wants to have reprogrammed into the new Opera, where it would fit on the priority of things to be done. I would think, not that high up, as the feature you want is not one that most users care that much about. Still, you can always post what you want in the Forum Suggestion Box.

    You might find this thread interesting. In it, I complain about why sometimes when I middle click, or control right click on a link, it doesn't open in a new tab (as I want), but opens in the same tab. @l33t4opera responds to that with an explanation and workarounds.

    Perhaps, he'll see this thread, and have some ideas for you. 🙂

  • I found another solution. I found and installed this Chrome extension and it works 100% on every page I had problems with (facebook, xda, and some others). Now it finally works just like the old good Opera 🙂

  • The first extension did say popups (as in, links that use Javascript) opened in a new tab. Links which use a target attribute have the target removed or changed to "_self" so that it opens in the same tab.

  • "Forces Chrome to open links in the same tab by default instead of new or background tab, and pop-up windows as new tabs.
    If you hate when you click the link and Chrome opens it in a new or a new background tab, or even in a new window, then this extension is for you. It forces Chrome to open links in the same tab by default instead of new or background tab, and new tabs instead of pop-up windows.

    Now you have only One Chrome window, and you can browse different sites in One tab. You don't have to jump across tabs and windows any more!"

  • That is what I was looking for but it didn't work unfortunately 😞

  • Still no fixes?