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  • @leocg I did that for days since I opened this topic, and no success.
    As I said, WhatsApp is one of the problems with JS Date. As the browser time is wrong, all websites that request this information will be wrong.

  • @leocg Web applications that use JS Date, such as Whatsapp Web, are having problems as we have not had daylight saving time changes this year and Browser Opera automatically changed. The same thing happened with Google Chrome, where they quickly sent an update fixing GMT to -3 again. We kindly ask you to change Opera Browser as we are having problems with using various applications by Opera.

  • @pcmarino I guess we will need to wait for the Chromium fix to reach Opera's stable channel.

  • I was able to palliate the solution of the problem by changing the timezone by tzutil. On windows, by command, execute:

    tzutil /s "Bahia Standard Time"

    It will leave Salvador time enabled, which is the same as Brasilia, but not changing for summer time.

    Now, the command Date() shows correctly.

  • Hello, I'm having problems with my browser because normally we have Summer Time in Brasil, gmt -3 turns into gmt -2, 1 hour advanced. But this year, the new president cancelled the Summer Time, so we didn't changed our clocks, but automatically some places changes (almost the 'millenium bug' haha), so my browser is making 1h in advance, and that's a big problem because all I want to do, my browser time is 1h in advance. I can't even 'punch the clock' in my job. I'm considering moving back to mozilla, because I really can't find the solution for this.

    Hope you help me. Thanks in advance (just like my browser clock xD).

  • @pedroluiz @ricardoltm desativar a opção Definir fuso horário automaticamente e selecionar o Fuso horário (UTC-03:00) Araguaína manualmente, como na imagem anexa, funcionou para mim 😉


  • @teylo English here please.

  • @leocg said in Wrong Brazil timezone:

    @teylo English here please.

    Disabling Set time zone automatically and selecting Time zone (UTC-03: 00) Araguaina manually, as in the attached image, worked for me 😉

  • Thanks @pcmarino and @teylo for help. I changed the TZ to "Araguaína" and the bug was "solved". I hope that Opera Dev Team fix this issue son. Thanks @leocg too for the patience. 😉

  • Remembering that is a palliative solution... I'm using TZ from Bahia Salvador, and is attending OK (changed only times about outlook's calendar...) Waiting for Opera Fix.

  • Fixed at this new version of Opera!


  • Same for me in ubuntu.
    System is apparently ok
    Local time: Thu 2019-11-14 16:41:51 -03
    Universal time: Thu 2019-11-14 19:41:51 UTC
    RTC time: Thu 2019-11-14 19:41:51
    Time zone: America/Sao_Paulo (-03, -0300)
    System clock synchronized: yes
    NTP service: active
    RTC in local TZ: no
    The problem is verified in gmail and whatsapp web for example.

    EDIT: Fixed in Opera opera-stable/stable 65.0.3467.38