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CTRL + SHIFT + V Google search removal

  • Hi!
    How do I disable CTRL + SHIFT + V to start a google search?
    It should be 'paste without formatting'.
    I tried looking into keyboard shortcuts, but the keycombination isn't present there.
    I know I can rightclick, but I would prefer to use my keyboard, to use the internationally accepted key combination of CTRL + SHIFT + V, to paste text without formatting.

  • Ctrl + shift + v in the address field is for "Paste and go" or "Paste and search" depending on whether the text in the clipboard is a URL or not. That seems to be working fine in Opera.

    However, you can goto the URL opera://settings/keyboardShortcuts, type "paste" in the quick find field to find the shortcut for "Paste and go". You can then click the x for the ctrl + shift + v shortcut to delete it. You can then assign it another shortcut if you want.

    I don't see in option in shortcuts for "paste without formatting" for pasting into WYSIWYG editors. Maybe there's an extension that does that or maybe it works fine in a WYSIWYG editor.

  • Re: CTRL + SHIFT + V Google search removal

    It is extremely bad idea to redefine the ctrl+shift+v shortcut as it is accepted key combination to paste text without formatting.

  • @olunet Correct!

  • This post is deleted!