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How to set an image to may account/profile?

  • What about an alternative?

    We will be making a slight improvement to the avatars and how you choose your avatar, but this won't include the ability to upload new avatars directly to the forums. We will continue to outsource this to Gravatar.

  • I mean an alternative to WordPress's innovation. Any other.

  • He did say "we will continue to outsource this to Gravatar" ...

  • When creating your Gravatar account, be sure to use the same email address you used to open your Opera account. If you already have a Gravatar account, you can add an additional email address (the one you've associated with Opera) to assign a new Gravatar in the Opera forums.

    But if you use Gravatar with a mail address, you can be tracked and identified on other webpages, even if you want to be anonymous.
    Automattic as US company is not very concerned about privacy.

  • This show is sponsored by Opera NSA!

    Accounts linkage is useful, but I personally prefer it being a voluntary act.

  • Opera would find a lot more users posting their avatar pic if they didn't have to get involved with one more internet service company, in this cast it's Gravatar. Why - because people just tend to be distrustful when they find themselves being required to get involved like this for no apparent reason.

  • Exactly...

    Opera doesn't seem to grasp the need for easy all in one set ups and functions. They want to make us go to different sites, add extensions just to change basic set ups. Causing us to have to manage our security even more and create other accounts "all just for basic set ups and functions".

    Its like going to McDonalds and ordering a burger and fries. You go to one counter and they give you your burger and you pay for it, then they say, you now need to go to that counter and get and pay for the fries separately and then you can enjoy your whole meal at our eat in facilities.

  • I prefer to have my avatar stored only in one place rather than need to upload it every time i register on a new forum, service, whatever.

  • lecog

    Yes, exactly... I have my Avatar's stored on my hard drive. I have different ones for different types of sites. So how do you get it on your account?

  • I have my Avatar's stored on my hard drive. I have different ones for different types of sites. So how do you get it on your account?

    You mean your Opera account? If so then you need to use Gravatar or choose one of the default images.

    If you need different avatars for different sites then you may need to create as many Gravatar accounts as necessary.

  • Oh, you have your Avatars stored on Gravatar? I didn't get that. But I'd rather not have to create another account for something I'd use on another account. Most sites that use avatars allow you to upload your own from your hard drive.

    This is no reflection on you leocg, you've been helpful. But Opera has so many restrictions, so little personal preferences, and not much in the way of support. And I have seen and gotten myself notifications how these updates are for security purposes, yet somehow I don't believe that having to create accounts on other sites or allowing applications/ad ons etc is more secure.

  • @tastyboi

    One of the first things I do before I even post in a forum, is to either customize the default avatars, and/or upload my own, even when I got my first PC, (or any PC for that matter) I spent the entire day customizing everything, as I always detest the default settings of any program, so looking at this forum, I don't expect there to be nothing in the way of personal customization...

    So the main reason I first started using Opera (Around 2002 I believe) was that Opera shared my own total contempt for the default settings, so like everything else that is computer programs, it's been marred by the overwhelming blandness of the off-white realm of the office manager/cubicle commoners! :^) JK

    I would keep Vivaldi in mind as a possible viable main browser to, or even along with "Neo-Chromium" as they're much more dedicated to the enthusiast, and Original and long supporters of Opera. I still use it in the hopes that someone, -any-one finally comes up with way to change the horrid skin color!

    I personally still use "Opera" along with every other browser, (save for Safari/IE, and only 10% of Chrome) so I would just give up any personal customization here,(Else it would've been enabled already) and suffer through the off-white blandness of forums/Programs safe for the office...

    'Cause Casuals, gonna Casual... 😉

  • god z gud hoo

  • follow the steps and you will have one , Gravatar rocks ! \m/

  • Even if we ignore how little a difference in server load self-hosted 100x100 pixel JPGs make in a world of 10MB+ javascript-filled webpages and TB-sized hard drives, it's still true that there are a million different images hosts out there that allow unlimited hotlinking and anonymous uploading for things like avatars.

    I have no problem with forcing third-party avatar hosting, but why limit it to just one provider, one that demands email addresses in return for this trivial-in-2016 service?

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