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  • I am trying to add the menu bar with no luck. It does not show on mine. 45a4ac3c-d2fc-499b-8747-43099dc1a601-image.png

  • There is none. The help page you were looking at is for Opera 12, years ago.

  • Thank you

  • @sgunhouse Foolish to not give people a way to include a menu bar, at least if Opera is hoping for more new users. I looked at Opera almost to two decades ago but opted to use FireFox instead. For a specific reason I downloaded and installed Opera two days ago and have been trying to set it up. I too wasted hours looking for a way to add the menu bar and also found the old information. Expecting every new Opera user to know every keyboard shortcut needed to do something that would have been on a menu bar does nothing but drive away potential new users who install Opera but then can't figure out how to do things. Opera developers are apparently out of touch with unsophisticated users, or thumb their nose at them. Not a good way to get more new users.

  • @jjdokes Menu bars don't really belong to modern browsers in 2019.

    In fact I would say that they don't belong to (almost) any modern software.

  • @leocg I didn't say to make people use a menu bar. But to not let them use it just means Opera will lose users it could have gained.

  • @jjdokes I don't really think that many people nowadays care about menu bars.

  • Neither Chrome nor Edge have menu bars. Firefox does, but they are well hidden - and I don't see people flocking to it. Vivaldi also has a menu bar as an option, but neither Chrome nor Edge has exactly seen people flocking to Vivaldi either.

  • Search in Google shows 749 hits for "menu bar" on the Opera forums. "'menu bar' site:" That is only the people who took the time to register, log in, and comment, so not knowable how many people simply decided to use FireFox. A search in Google for "'menu bar' opera browser" returns 635,000 hits. Opera apparently has 0.64% of browser market share ( Google returns 2,190,000 hits for "'menu bar' google chrome". Yes, more people use Chrome, but many people have tried to find a menu bar for it. Looks to me like if Opera wants more users it could get more by offering a menu bar as an option. Nothing to lose, everything to gain. It could off by default, but easy to find and add if wanted.

  • @jjdokes Just because someone clicked on a link containing menu bar doesn't mean that such person wants to have a menu bar.

  • @leocg Google hits are not someone clicking on a link. They are web pages with content that includes the search term, which is not conclusive about anything, but indicates that someone is interested in an issue (e.g., this page will show up in Google searches on Opera menu bars at some point). Not my problem however if Opera gets more users or not. Just a suggestion on the chance an Opera developer sees the post. Nuf said. Adios.

  • @jjdokes Chrome is the most used browser and doesn't have a menu bar.
    For it's enough to show that people don't care about menu bars.

  • Well, I need menu bar to be honest. That's why I'm not using Google Chrome. Trying Opera after long time not use the browser, and still no menu bar or even title bar (for whoever that loves to open many tabs).

  • The menu bar is quite useful in many, many applications. Just because some snotface kids think it's not useful is no reason to simply ashcan the functionality. These are the same kiddies who think that mobile applications don't need to indicate that a page is scrollable when the content goes off the bottom or side of the screen. Please don't be a turd about this; the menu bar functionality has been with us for 40 years for a reason. It is unwise to simply discard it because you don't think it looks cool.