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[Solved]Oops! Something went wrong ...

  • Hi - I recently started seeing the Oops! Something went wrong while displaying this web page. error. It is happening about 25% of the time while I am browsing.

    • Version of Android
      Android 10 / Oxygen OS 10.0.GM21AA
    • Phone model and manufacturer
      OnePlus 7 Pro
    • Your version of Opera for Android
    • If the problem is with a page, a link to it
      The problem occurs when opening a web page through a link from another application, such as a link embedded in an email.
    • If ad-blocker is enabled or not
      Add blocking is Enabled
    • If data savings is enabled or not
      Data savings is Disabled
    • A description of the problem, including as much as information as possible
      As mentioned above, I frequently see the Oops! Something went wrong while displaying this web page. error.
    • Steps to (try to) reproduce the issue
      There are two ways to easily reproduce:
    1. With Google set as the Opera search provider, type anything to search for (other than a website) in the Opera Search Bar. For example, just search for: bob.
    2. Or, open a web link through another application, such as an embedded link in an email.
    • Expected behavior and actual one
      Expected behavior: Opera opens up the desired web page or performs the search.
      Actual behavior: Opera displays the error page with the cute kitty-cat.
  • Same issue here.

    Opera gives me the cat on Android 10.
    Only difference is, I have a OP7 (the regular Version, not the PRO model).

  • It also often happens to me that the Opera browser hangs. Huawei Mate 20.

  • Anything from Opera Technical Support on this?

    Apparently, there are multiple customers and phones affected.

  • @azjazz said in Oops! Something went wrong ...:

    Anything from Opera Technical Support on this?

    Apparently, there are multiple customers and phones affected.

    Though nothing changed on my end (no Oxygen-OS-changes and no Opera update either) since there Problem occured, which was out of the box (I updated from Android 9 to 10 right away), the phenomenon of the cute kitty-cat seems to have vanished.
    I haven't seen the behavior since yesterday I guess, visiting the same pages as when it occured.
    Maybe it had to do with Cloudflare or some other service that didn't work well with Opera for Android (10)!?

  • @azjazz Opera for Android 53

    At this link there is an active conversation about current errors and problems with the browser. You need to call to help: miyukiwork.

  • Same here, This problem started ever since I updated to android 10 when about 20% of pages (mostly Google searches) would lead to the 'something went wrong' page, since it has developed to just not working at all, reinstalls won't fix it. OnePlus 7 Pro

  • This is founder of newsgoals99 and i also having same problem with this @azjazz

  • Let each of them report the failure via the website to the Opera's technical department:
    Opera bug report wizard

    @miyukiwork several opera users have frequent and similar browser crashes.

  • @campedor92 Doing it will not make the problem to be fixed sooner and also will make the checking of other issues to be delayed.

  • @leocg So what do you suggest ?

  • @campedor92 If the problem was already reported, post the bug ID here for reference and wait for the fix.

    Eventually you can post here to remember about the problem.

    Also try checking if it also happens in Opera for Android Beta.

  • @azjazz @campedor92

    Thanks for the bug report! We are looking into the problem.

  • @miyukiwork - Thanks! I will be checking back for updates on a fix.

    For now, I'm back to Chrome ...


  • We have identified the issue and will be fixed in our next upgrade. For faster access to fix, you may install our Beta version.

  • Problem still exists. I am on Android 10 , Oneplus 7 . The only way i got it working is the force stop and clear cache and reopen again. For some reason it stops working if i open after few hours, then again i repeat the same process and it works again.

  • I confirm, the beta opera still hangs.
    Huawei Mate 20.

  • @KtmSoul @campedor92 Please let us know the version number of Opera browser you are having. Also please help us investigating further by answering few question.

    1. Are you referring here to get a "sad cat" on a page load?
    2. What do you mean by hang here, does Opera stopped forever or do you see a lag in performance?
    3. Does it happen on any specific steps like, opening a page or going into tab gallery or opening a new tab?
    4. Can you also check your device "Battery optimization" settings and if possible please check if changing the setting will help you


  • @neetesha probably a problem solved because I can't reproduce the error.

  • @neetesha

    I just upgraded my OnePlus 7 Pro to version 10.0.1 and Opera is completely unusable. No page at all loads, the sad cat comes when I want to do anything. I've got the latest version I can install, 53.1.2569.142848. Nothing happens when trying different battery optimisation settings.