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  • I tried checking for a new update and nothing happened. The button just stayed blacked out for 5-10 mins.

  • @stacy43 Try running the installer, it uses to fix such issues.

  • I did that and it didn't work. I even uninstalled it and it still didn't work because I am still having the same issue. Only this time with the added issue of not knowing that there was an update at all. I didn't get the red dot to know that there was an update and the check for update button still remains blacked out after I had clicked on it 10 mins ago to check for an update. This is the second time today that I have done this. The first time, I just closed out the window and not even bothered with it after that. I'm not getting smart or disrespectful here, I am just getting frustrated because this is the very first time I have ever had any issues with Opera.

  • You can try a more thorough uninstall and reinstall of Opera. That might help. See for details.

  • Why is it whenever I "Check for Update" button, it never checks for an update? I have already done the Reset the browser to a default state and it still hasn't solved anything. So my friends just let me know whenever there is an Opera update and I go to and download it fresh because I don't even get the red notification button. The only way I know that Opera is ready for an update is when the browser starts acting jumpy and the pages start spinning too long then I check for myself to see if there is an update. This was when the check for update button was working for me. As I said before, I rely on friends and a jumpy browser to let me know when Opera needs updating. Hopefully with Opera 65 and 66 the Check for Update button will work better for me. I have never had any issues with Opera before until these last few updates.

  • Did you ever try my suggestion? If so and that didn't help, there has to be something on your system interfering with the connection to the update server. The check for update button works fine for me in Opera 64 64-bit on Windows 10.

  • @burnout426 I did try that. The only thing I can think of is that maybe Opera is dueling it out with another browser in my laptop after hours. I keep hearing that finish him voice from Mortal Kombat in my head. I have a Dell Alienware so I get updates for drivers and other things as soon as Dell releases then for my laptop. Whenever they say to update I do it. Maybe one of those updates conflicted with the browser.

  • A browser wouldn't interfere with updates, but a firewall can. If your firewall prevents Opera from accessing any ports other than HTTP and HTTPS then the update check will fail. That's the only case I'm aware of.

  • @sgunhouse Thanks, I'll check my firewall.