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Opera compatibility with web sites

  • I recently had a serious computer crash which began in very specific sites. The sites in question were Wire Club, Yahoo Music and Pinterest. They seem to be indicator sites for when there is a problem cuzz none of them really support Opera coming in. In fact a couple told me I should switch browsers. Why would I do that when I've finally found a browser that's compatible with MY needs, abilities and wants? That's intuitive to the way I think and what I can do as a web travellor? That has opened up the web more for ME? 😛 uh no!!
    I ended up having to actually have a technician empty out everything I wasn't currently using or likely to use so I could have no problem visiting those three sites again. So since In Wireclub today, I just blanked out again after just a few days after the major clean out I want to know if Opera can go kick their snooty asses and ask them to change their code so they ARE adaptable ... I KNOW it's not MY computer now. And since Opera works every where else, why should I change that???

    Nu uh!!!

  • Which version of Opera are you using? Is it Opera 12.17? I just went to Wireclub, Yahoo Music, and Pinterest in Opera 22 and everything, at first blush, seems okay. I'm listing to music and watching a Vevo video in Yahoo Music. I agree with your overall philosophy too.

    You know for some time, I couldn't login with Opera 22 to my TuneIn Radio music at I figured well, I'll just listen to other music. But suddenly tonight everything is fine. Some of this stuff is hard to figure out.

    I think the problem sometimes is something called browser sniffing. I don't understand it fully, but it sounds like if some of these websites sniff a browser they didn't code the site for, even if the browser is perfectly compatible with the site, they create problems for that browser.

  • @lem729

    lol that sounds funny. The Opera singer has a cold I guess or maybe the web site is allergic to her perfume.
    Like I said though, two of the sites did ask me to switch browsers, I said no and I started having more and more tech issues. Pffft Odd timing

  • oh and not sure which version sorry shrug.

  • If it's Opera 12, you can find out by clicking on View menu, and then click on About Opera.

    Opera 22 has no View menu. You just click on the Opera logo on the upper left of the browser to get the Menu, and then click on About Opera, and you will see the version of Opera that you have.

  • @lem729, In Opera 12.x it is either 'Help / About Opera' or 'O Menu / Help / About Opera', depending on whether the menu bar has been enabled or disabled.

  • Yep. Sorry there. I even opened up Opera 12.17, but between seeing and posting, somehow got it wrong.

  • Opera 22 it says . How old is that?

  • @ebfree

    I believe the upgrade to Opera 22 was some time this month. I'm using Opera 22 also, and the sites you had problems with, all work for me. The Opera developers are hard at work on Vers. 23, but I don't know when that will be available as a stable release. Perhaps, soon ;). Other than clearing cookies, and cache (go ctrl shift delete) ( or contrl H, and click on clear browsing data) or experimenting with the User-Agent Switcher extension to see if changing your browser agent -- to make the site think you're browsing with Firefox, Chrome, or Internet Explorer, I'm not sure what to suggest, particularly since everything else seems to be working okay.

    Here's a link to the User-Agent Switcher extension (from the Opera add-on store), which might be worth a try.

    You're right by the way, if a site doesn't work, one would hope "Opera can go kick their snooty asses." 🙂