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[Solved]Why are the opera browser not showing the whole web-address???

  • Why are the opera browser not showing the whole web-address???
    hiding the web-address does nothing more then stupid - it's not wasting any space and if I take a screenshot I can't be sure the full address is there. It's so annoying - why would you even have this feature to hide the web address, that does nothing in regards of lowering space, it just makes the web-address block empty.....
    Please get back to some sanity Opera!!!

    Anders Erichsen Denmark

  • There is an option in settings called "Show full URL in combined search and address bar" - turn it on. I always use it that way too.

  • Chrome will also no longer display certain URL parts (https, www) by default soon.

    The WHATWG has defined this shortened URL display [for its members] as the standard, maybe Opera just follows this policy.

    Anyway, I am glad that the option mentioned by @sgunhouse to display addresses in full still exists.

  • Thanks guys - well Satan has a way of corrupting things and making it difficult for the user to use there things. Updates in the miles, new "features" and closing others that is actually usable. By having the triangle system he can pretty much corrupt a lot just from controlling the above pyramid, and thereby control it down the lines.
    Opera should stop doing foolishness and get back to the sane world and let it be as it was in the old days by default!!!

    We see it down all the line how things gets corrupted, how sell outs sell there great applications to the bigger companies and give the finger to the people that made it popular in the first place using it. How we are over flooded with updates and more issues. fighting an ever ending battle of just getting it to work and do as we want.

    Thanks I found it in the options after a good look and 5 minutes. Like I remember windows 2000 and it just worked, everything seemed to just do as you wanted and it was rock solid. Browsers was still sane as everything else. From there on it just turned into lunacy, more and more - and control of the big companies who wants to jail us and have all the control at there hand, spying on us and pushing a flood of ads at us.

    Like there is 1 or 2 browsers overall that functions like the old days browser, with some setup here and there. What was wrong with those? The only reason I actually use Opera is, that it is the only browser that is actually working fluently on my old computer. Nothing beats it in fluency with many tabs it's still not crawling or crashing, at least not many times like others when you have many tabs.

    Anyway - Thanks so much for the help, I had looked but not close enough. Had to really look again and take it one by one and around 5 minutes I found or so. But just hate wasting time on stupid things, and it all just adds up to a continual trying to fix things. Like if MicroSux really wanted me on the wagon, they could make a Windows just like Windows 2000 in functionality and in 64 bits - but that is not going to happen because of the powers to be that is not in it for the people.

  • Sometimes I wonder where some people have been on the last five, six years